Electric Car Roundup from the 2017 Detroit Auto Show: Comprehensive Guide

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from?

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39 thoughts on “Electric Car Roundup from the 2017 Detroit Auto Show: Comprehensive Guide”

  1. maybe. electric car just good for summer I don't turast something happened. you. lose. buttery. finished. is finished cold. day. you. froze

  2. Ever were I go all I see is " look at all these new revolutionary technologies x company made" when we know dam well Tesla did it and now they are copying them,like this morning I saw the add for the new Prius prime and it has "a revolutionary 11in display" definitely not a copy of the modle s or X interior

  3. The leaf needed the refresh now. With the bolt M3 and other EV's on the market it has outlived it's design and they are not selling that well.

  4. Electric cars will become acceptable when you can get a 500 mile range with the heater and windshield wipers and the headlights on and it takes less than 10 minutes to completely recharge the batteries. The way it is now, the Nissan Leaf claims a 100+ mile range, but if all you do is run the heater you'll be lucky to get 20 miles out of it. We got a long way to go.

  5. There is a huge market for an ultra safe EV minivan like the portal. The first thing people take into account when transporting their kids is safety.

  6. 2025 seems to be a big year for the German Electric Car. If it is true the lifecycle to design a car is 6 years or so, then they will start work on these in 2019?! No seriously, VW etc have already got the E-Golf and so forth. Mercedes an Electric B-class they are ashamed of (what else can we say, they obviously don't want to tell anyone about it?), BMW one of those 'look at me I am an EV' called the i3 (a very dated way to design an EV now the Ioniq and the Bolt and the Volt are out). There's a saying – 'caught with your pants down'. The Asian countries opted 15 years ago it is said, to pursue electric and petrol, while Europe decided to follow diesel. Now look where it's all landed. Regular Paris bans on cars with even number plates, London in trouble with air quality too (never passed the standards on this) and so on. One big push for spreading the tech, is the used car market – and LEAFs proliferate there. In the UK, five grand (admittedly in GBP) will get you a 24kWh LEAF just 3 years old. That, as much as anything, will spread the EV culture. Who doesn't want to save 4/5 of their gas (petrol) bill on their commute?!

  7. πŸ™
    Actually, aside from which one to buy, my biggest fear about EVs is that will I live long enough for the price
    to come down to the point where the retired working class person can afford to own one?

  8. VW has lied many times before! Back in 1987 they stated to be able to deliver a full electric Golf within 7 years 😁. Hahaha… nothing done back then, why do anything else now?? Tesla will be the biggest car-company 5years before VW even gets their hands out of their pants.

  9. Now let's say we get a Tesla Model S, but since we have Solar Pannels that are Over-Producing electricity, couldn't we charge it off of our Solar Power instead of off of the Nuclear Power Plant?

  10. building electric cars produce greenhouse gases, but so do regular cars…he is not being honest . electric car batteries requires mining. true so does oil and since only 15% is burned in cars its worse. plus batteries are recycled. my house produces all the power via solar, doesn't mention that possibility. i think he is oil company shill.😬

  11. That is only true is you throw away your used car. Nobody does that. Most people cant afford new cars and depend on used cars. Plus you didnt even talk about emissions.

  12. I love these skits but I think it's irresponsible to downplay the lynchpin concept: Adam is saying "Don't abandon your CURRENT HYBRID for a NEW EV." He is not saying "Don't buy an EV when your CURRENT GAS AUTO needs replacement." CH should have gone way further to emphasize this but instead it's going to be misconstrued as "EV's can actually be worse!" which is both short-sighted and blatantly false.

  13. Doubted about this video. First of all, electricity comes form all kinds of sources, which is far more flexiable than using patrol only. Secondly, apart from the renewable energy like the wind and water, a coal power plant is far more efficient and produce far less pollution than the tiny engine you have on your traditional cars. What's more, all the metal that uses on a E car can be recycle like the battery. So the final solution is how to find a way to generate electricity in a clean way, E car are definitely the future.


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