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    Myron Helton 1 second ago
     Get rid of your big house with the energy wasteful duct work leaks heat, and get rid of your heat pump. And get yourself a small house that doesnt need duct work, and you wont need a heat pump that would never show a cost benefit in a small house. So you have saved money on insurance, taxes, repairs, duct work, and a heat pump. Houses used to be an investment.  Now home ownership is a loser. Get yourself a shack, and instead of paying interest. With the money you save, bank it and gain interest.

  2. Some cities and states encourage bikes………. they provide safe walking and biking lanes and trails. Cities also should encourage businesses and apartments to provide safe places to lock or store a bicycle. Encourage your elected officials to do more. Speak up.. become an advocate for bicycle use in your city.
    Bike Friendly Cities, The Journey to School – YouTube

  3. Electric / hybrid technology and battery technology continues to improve every year……
    The first/second generation of the Iphone was really cool too but the next generations were much better………..
    The next generation of electric/hybrid cars, batteries and charging stations will all improve the owners experience.
    How fast you drive, the outside temperature and what accessories you use like heat and AC all impact the battery range.

  4. Did you know that your car can run on cold fusion with a very small quantity of water?  It can perfectly well! But for some reason is forbidden by the Zionist Fascist!

  5. This planet can feed with NO problem more than 20 billion people!!!  We have to STOP ZIONIST NAZI propaganda!!!  

  6. The climate issue is invented by the club of Rome to take you /my money away from you and from me– and more important to kill us!!!  Through the CO2  (gas of life that we exhale and plants are eating it) tax we are financing our death – the NWO!   We have to STOP those crazy Zionist! We have to Stop them!!

  7. You know why we have drought in Africa etc.?   Because of Zionist Nazi evil use of Tesla's invention HAARP. You using HAARP to cause flood, droughts, earthquakes and tsunami.  We have to stop evil Nazi Zionist!

    Have you seen Gadafi had in midle of Sahara desert  fields and fields of organic and healthy food. Please see Gadafi's green fields in the middle of the desert.   We have to stop those evil Zionist and NWO fascists!

  8. Enough with the evil UN Agenda 21 and Future earth! You have based all evil "global warming lie" on lies. Who said that we have no energy…..have look at the Tesla's patents! We have energy in abundance – every single home on planet can have a free energy Tesla's free energy. We can have car running on water – cold fusion….  But problem is with you NWO Nazi Zionist —- you are not allowing us to have free energy!!! So you have to lie!!!!!  We have to STOP Nazi Zionist!!!

  9. What a NOW criminals and mafia?
    First of all Nikola Tesla invented a free energy for all people on the planet!  Nikola Tesla had built the electric towel with attention to lit up the whole New York for  free, your mafia have destroy it. We have a cold fusion, requires a very small amount of water to drive a car.  So we do not need oil at all (and by the way that is not a fissile fuel, that is a just one of you lays to make a higher prices). And we don’t need your GMO poisoned soya as a bio fuel, that is a big crime of yours as well, and your mafia that have occupied all South America. Instead of your bio fuel poisoned soya we can plant all food that we need and we can feed double of population that we have right now!!!!   I repeat we can feed a double population with no problem at all!!!!
    But you like playing games; you took Tesla’s patents one of them is HAARP, so you make artificial earthquakes, artificial tsunami, artificial floods and droughts in Afrika. You are true enemy of the human race that hides behind a global warming etc. O by the way what’s happened to the global warming? 

  10. Why was Dr. Eugene F. Mallove killed? Because of cold fusion….you dont want people to know the true?  We can drive our car on very small amount of water. We can have Tesla's free energy all around the globe! We can have all planet just for healthy organic food!! That is all possible. And we can have 20 billion people with no problem at all. And people with much better standard of living then we have now. Stop your anti-human fascist eugenic sick propaganda!   The only cancer on this planet is NWO "elite"!!

  11. What are NWO propaganda!!!!

    CO2 — is the life gas! No life on the planet can exist without the life gas CO2!!

    CO2 – > O2 + C

    CO2 is a plant food — when plant has plenty of it, grows healthier bigger and needs less water. Farmer has more yield! So, the plant eats CO2 and makes the oxygen for us  02 that we inhale!

    And dont forget you exhale  the life gas CO2!

    We must STOP this NWO propaganda against a human being!!

  12. So why so called the UN does not STOP the crazy ZIONIST distracting the planet…..looked those DEPOPULATION chemtrails that killing whole life on the earth.    NWO government is killing whole life on the Earth! We have to STOP those crazies!

    No there is no climate change you are changing it artificially with HAARP!  The climate change has been invented by the club of Rome! You are using Nikola Tesla's inventions like HAARP to create floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis…. You are evil!!

    Yes we have to act …you are right …we have to name those NWO crazies that are destroying the life on the earth, and put them in prison. And all "climate changes"
    wars, and destruction will gone. Only and only without chemtrails Zionist we can live in peace!

    Your GMO ….the poisoned GMO is killing the ground and the people….again the act of your crazies NWO zionist.

    You are intentionality change the ground ph with poisoned chamtrails so that seeds can not develop …and people are not able to feed them self ….all because of your crazy evil NWO government!

    Please people read "Behind the green mask".   And please educate yourself dont let them to manipulate with you …and taking from you everything from you including your life!
    Stay well and healthy my human brothers and sisters!

  13. Look at the fields in the middle of dry Sahara that Gadafi developed the fields were amazing ….and that was a clean and organic food …not your GMO poison that kills ground and all life that touches it.
    We have to learn and STOP those crazy chemtrails NWO Zionist!   They are killing us on every possible way! We have to STOP them and this NAZI propaganda!

  14. If we allow to use the free electric energy – Tesla’s energy we can have plenty of clean land for organic food. Every single home can have a FREE electricity!!  Our car can run with no problem on cold fusion with min quantity of water.
    But NAZI Zionist don’t want that –they want kill people. It is much easier to control less people. This planet can feed more than 20 billion people with no problems at all!
    This NAZI Zionist propaganda has NOTHING to do with climate change – they want kill people and this is the easiest way for them! And remember all so called “weather warming” has nothing to do with weather it is about taking your property away (AGENDA 21) and killing you — that is the point!! Please learn and don’t be naïve!!
    NAZI chemtrail Zionis – wish to kill as all — don’t forget that!!

  15. The climate issue is invented by the club of Rome to take you /my money away from you and from me– and more important to kill us!!!  Through the CO2  (gas of life that we exhale and plants are eating it) tax we are financing our death – the NWO!   We have to STOP those crazy Zionist! We have to Stop them!!


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