Environmental Conservation, The 4 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respond

Meet Cady and her friends in the bayou of Louisiana. The environment is changing and Cady wants to know what she can do to help.

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7 thoughts on “Environmental Conservation, The 4 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respond”

  1. i think recycling is a good thing to do so lets work together to keep our country and environment for our young babies

  2. Recycling is a big waste of time and resources. Usually only aluminum is worth recycling. It is not clear that plastic bottles are cost effective. Plastic bottles recycling, in many cases, is subsidized by the government to make it look cost effective. If you disagree with me in general about recycling, explain why the vast majority of recycled items cost more than new ones. For example, almost all student notebook paper that is recycled is more costly then new paper. Unless the government subsidizes recycling, or lies about the cost, as in this video. recycling hurts the environment because it takes more resources and more dangerous chemicals to recycle. 

    If something cost more than another similar item, student three ring binder paper for example, it uses more resources than one that costs less. Also go watch the recycle trucks . They take all the recycled items you separated and throws them all together. Why do they do this? Because the vast majority of the recycled items are just thrown into the landfill with all the other garbage. This video is basically lying for public propaganda purposes. If you ever talk to any of the management of any landfill, ask her, off the record, if recycling helps the environment? She will tell you no, it hurts the environment except for aluminum and some marginal items. Recycling hopefully will die out over the next generation if they are ever told the truth.

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