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  1. Did you know whether it's relevant to this video or not, but in terms of public health places where the public eats and drinks the concern is where they go to toilet in public places be an issue like at restaurants in the back where the kitchen and storeroom is dirty and filthy as well as toilets with human urine on the floor have not been cleaned every couple of hours but only cleaned once a day just like public toilets cleaned once a week or month worse a year for the public to use.

    How about where the public go to exercise at like local gyms being filthy after it's used only to clean it once than every couple of hours.

    Boxing gyms across every state, country side and city side of Australia be the filthiest places in the country where the public use it although professional athletes like fighters use it to train and workout.

    Staying at these gyms even the strata prohibits tenants to stay in the gym, the customers and fighters use the gym with no respect being dirty and filthy even smelly very unsafe for anyone to use be a safety concern still woman and children go to these places the Australian government and Health Department of Australia neither less to care about it checking every boxing gym and other gyms where fighters train even customers use to learn for self defence for safety concerns.

    Every have the Department of health regularly check these businesses out with health indie tuts and safety inspectors to make sure whoever uses the gym equipments and faculties including the toilets are safe to use from being harmed same time hygienic.

    Even the attitude and manner of staff, clients, customers and the fighters use the gyms like in Sydney have no rules to respecting people's rights using the gym like gender, age, skin colour, race, religion, disability, purpose using the gym etc.

    It's time these business have some new changes that will revolutionalise the way these people run their business.

    Throwing rubbish outside letting it to decay same time dumping and thrown out worn out furniture and rusted equipments even clothes to left to rot outside as if it is a dump thinking the council and strata have consented that although it's a world public health risk to attracting rats, diseases and odd smell.

    When will the Department of health Australia start inspecting these business don't want to be on their list for inspection where public use than where the public go out and eat or drink at restaurants and takeaways but where they go to toilet in public places being accessible and clean to, places where they go for leisure activities like local gyms and boxing gyms being the worse in the country?

    That way Australia have a good image abroad. 

  2. We like your video about Environmental Issues very much. Thank you for this.
    From our side we have just made our first non documentary film about Global warming and the environment problems. 
    See it link: http://www.facebook.com/BlackMudMovie
    In our movie we are indirectly speaking to the audience about Global warming and what it all might end. As you know, in filming people don't like when you start to teach them what to do. So, in the film art we have to go through the fillings to show what we want show and thus to reach to the audience. At the end of the film Alex ends up with petrol in the car and he is forced to leave his car and continue his road by his foot …
    Sooner or later, gasoline is over …

  3. We as a race must change in order for the world to change, it is a reflection of us, the truth will solve all earthly problems, read this free fascinating book —7he Present— G-oogle ><<Truthcontest>>< to see how.

  4. Revelation 11:18 – "But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time came for the dead to be judged and to reward your slaves the prophets and the holy ones and those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the Earth." This is a promise from Jehovah God that he will care for the Earth.

  5. Earthships are a great way to solve many of these problems as well as making people more independent in their own lives. Look them up nobody I talk to seems to know what they are. Its not enought to complain about the way the world is we need to change it and provide alternative solutions to these problems. So please if you care about our planet and you know the industrial complex is its #1 enemy we need to make alternative solutions available to people in a logical way they will benefit everybody. Again look up Earthships and see what all the fuss is about. 

  6. Hello,
    I really like your presentation, very well done.  I would like to offer you a collaboration project.   If you interested  in proposed partnership,  I will add to your presentation a missing part,  a plan  how we together( globally)  can work towards cleaner environment.
    I come up with a new design of a bicycle   This new bicycle will allow an average driver to achieve speed between 100 – 120 km/h with the same effort (energy spend) as in a conventional bicycle driven at (15 mi/h) 25 km/h.  Based on the invention, we could have 5 more product lines  and all of them  are based on human power only. We humans have enough power to  get around without polluting the air.  If we be able to get a full cooperation from public ( on a global scale)  then we can reduce CO2 emission up to  20% globally.   Next step would  be a development of new source  of energy,  which is environmentally  friendly .( in my opinion it should be based on plasma).  Please reply and let me know if you would or not interested to get this venture  of the ground. My  e-mail<ally.group(at)hotmail.ca>  Thanks Jacob.

  7. Who fucking cares? We're all gonna die anyway, why shouldn't it be in a blaze of glory? Bunch of libtard ecofreaks need to relax and get drunk like normal people instead of going around abusing democracy and thinking their opinion matters, fucking dumbasses.

  8. Good day.  I would like to ask permission to include this video as a reference in explaining my topic about Ecosystem. I find it very interesting and helpful. I am required to ask a copyright before using it. Please reply.  Thanks and more power!


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