EPA’s Tie to Monsanto Could Be Disastrous for Us

EPA's Tie to Monsanto Could Be Disastrous for Us

An EPA report on glyphosate was recently taken down just three days after it was published. And it’s a move that has both Republicans – and progressives – up in arms. Conservatives are quick to declare how much they hate the EPA and it’s “job-killing regulations.” But progressives want to know why the EPA relies on so many studies conducted by the very industries that they’re supposed to regulate.

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6 thoughts on “EPA’s Tie to Monsanto Could Be Disastrous for Us”

  1. Environmentalists in Argentina are working to get Monsanto, etc. out of the country's agricultural business. Mothers in the poor state of Chaco are exposed to glyphosate sprayed in fields too close to their homes. Too many children have with birth defects associated with glyphosate.   Every 25th day of the month they protest in front of the national congress in Buenos Aires.   The EPA has to cut ties to industry and work for the safety of all Americans, not corporate profits.

  2. Need to get money out of politics… This one thing can fix a majority of this country's problems. Then we should have large trial for these bastards who knowingly put the people of this country in harms way. Then their names should added in our history books to forever shame them and teach our kids that people come before money. This way everybody will remember how bad things were and things like this won't happen in the future.

  3. EPA privatized by right wing…, after cutting funding till corporate bribery became the only way to get funded…

  4. simple enough .. if you wish to dump something in our water you must sit and drink a gallon of it. every member and ceo cfo cwtfo must do this before you can do it.
    also the head of the epa must do it.
    this would stop a few errors like this.


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