Free energy, diode as solar cell, new idea to make solar cell 2017

Free energy, diode as solar cell, new idea to make solar cell 2017

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47.Free energy, diode as solar cell, new idea to make solar cell 2017

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20 thoughts on “Free energy, diode as solar cell, new idea to make solar cell 2017”

  1. it is a little known fact that those LEDs also give off light when in a circuit. they discovered it one day and set about making LEDs that are lights because of it. the current is super small though.

  2. Seriously where is the insulation that is needed where the wires pass through the back of the can ? even if it is enamel coated wire that isn't good enough for it to last very long ( if it worked at all ) I call bogus !

  3. you need to stop with the annoying music in all your videos , & instead of music start explaining what your doing & if you can't get someone that can speak fluent English , yhat can be understood

  4. top tip… insert the assembled can into your ass hole… the sun shines much brighter up there, plus inverse square law gains…

  5. I smell a fake.
    1. Supposing that a Diode actually works as a solar cell, the 3 diodes total length of absorption does not even equal an inch. The area of the leads would have no effect, only the actual area taken by the diode
    2. while using a circular reflector instead of a true parabolic reflector is common, the focal position is not in the center of the can at 1 x the radius of the curve, but actually at 2 x the radius of the curve away from the reflector based on laws of physics and light reflection.

  6. I have used a couple of these devices once before, I tied them both to a piece of string, connected one to a Gerbil that I launched it into out of space on a rocket just so I could have a direct line to talk with Dr Who about my next scheduled next alien butt probe examination .


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