Fuel Cells | National Geographic

Fuel Cells | National Geographic

A battery that runs on water may be in our cars and homes in the very near future.
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Fuel Cells | National Geographic

National Geographic

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In this video, we learn how fuel cells generate electricity, looking specifically at the hydrogen fuel cell. We then compare the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells compared with rechargeable batteries.

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  3. Hey guys, goosebumps time:
    Read up on Stan Meyers',; & Military: Water Car; Cleveland, & restaurant; Poisoned (I have another theory) Find the Water Car vid with image of a large hangar at Cleveland airport.
    OK, here's the connection where the goosebumps come in –
    Now look up the 911 video with THE SAME hangar, from an aerial view – with NASA painted on the top.
    SAME BUILDING that the military (?) operated out on 911 – same one as in the Meyers video!!!

  4. Play T0e if we used nuclear power (no CO2 excpet for the mining and consturction) we could have abundant amounts of power that could creat the hydrogen however we need somewhere to sotre the waste

  5. that has nothing to do with hydrogen fuel cells.
    you said "if hydrogen becomes a major source of fuel then water will be more scarce" which is wrong as any hydrogen produced turns back to water when its burnt

  6. 'fresh water' are depleting.
    thats one of the effect of global warming with the ice caps and shit melting and they have something percent of all earth fresh water, i dont know from top of my head but its a great amount.
    and also from pollution, ya it is.
    thats why the oil sands are so controversial because it takes more fresh water than the amount of oil it pump.

  7. you can get hydrogen from salt water…..and were not running out of fresh water

    its constantly being renewed, so generally we always have the same amount….its just a matter of how much we use

  8. HHO is the same as H2O ….only it would be written HOH

    i dunno if your joking, mistyped ….or your dumb…..but im assuming you mistyped…..twice :/

  9. Is hydrogen splitting in negative electrode and combining with oxygen in positive electrode to form water. Is this whole thing done to make water? I have never studied this please help I am confused.

  10. You have helped me find exactly what I need every time one of my science teacher sets me a research home work! Thank you so much!


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