Genetically Modified Foods

Your dinner table is set with genetically modified foods. What exactly does that mean … and should you be concerned for your health?

The organic food movement grows every year. Many people are attracted to its acclaimed health benefits and superior produce compared to more ordinary foods. Organically grown food is particularly favored over genetically modified foods (GMOs). Indeed, it is hard to find an upscale restaurant or grocery store that does not loudly proclaim its non-GMO status.

Yet, is there any real health benefit to organic and non-GMO foods? The answer (perhaps shockingly to foodies) is no. The media and Internet have been alive for years with the supposed horrific side effects of eating GMOs, with so-called experts claiming they cause all kinds of disease, including cancer. But these “experts” rarely, if ever, have any data to back up their claims. In fact, the one major study that offered some credible evidence of negative health effects from GMOs was ultimately discredited and has since been retracted.

Learn at this event how GMOs have helped us feed a growing world population and protect the environment … and will continue to do so.

Genetic Modification of Foods

Visit : The story in the film “GM food and you” is a journey through the maze of complexities surrounding genetic modification. New technologies have a great influence on our daily lives and plant biotechnology is no exception. After all, plants provide us with the food we need to survive. However, plant biotechnology is a controversial area where both the basic research and its application to our daily lives is viewed with suspicion by members of the public. Legitimate concerns have been raised. The content of the film addresses the role genetic modification and plant biotechnology plays and is likely to play in our society. Is GM food safe to eat? What about the impact on our environment? Do we need it? Is all the truth told about GM crops? What about our right to choose? Can GM crops help the third world? (also see:
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  1. Seeing the deluge of medical/pharmaceutical commercials on TV for sick obese viewers, yes we should worry about our food supply being poisoned by GMO's,

  2. [Insert naturalistic fallacy here]
    [Insert organic doesn't use pesticides here]
    [Cite obviously biased source here]
    [Call me a shill]
    [Enjoy your poison]
    [Insert something about god here]
    [Misspell glyphosate]
    [Science has been wrong before]
    [Cite cherry picked/disproved study here]

  3. This is especially delicious considering that her husband is a lobbyist for ADM who profits personally from GMOs. When you are a hammer everything looks like nails. A politician decides it's a political issue rather than a medical issue? A politician has no business discussing GMOs–which have profound impacts on animal and public health. This is like listening to creationists discuss evolution. She will have credibility when she obtains a science and medical degree and has some clinical experience with chronic diseases these product cause DAILY!
    As far as the NAS study establishing GMOs safety, that was such a blatantly political statement it could only be seen as SATIRE, but clearly Julie's absolute lack of training makes her opinion of a science review completely worthless.
    Julie's critique of journalism has got to be satire—in the same way she has no business discussing science and health, she has no credibility in journalism while churning out blatant industrial propaganda and ignorance for personal profit.

  4. then how is it that GMO is not allowed to be imported to Japan and many European countries explain the research studies in France on the round up ready gmo. so can people sue hear land institute if they get cancer from poorly regulated GMO creation? How about monsanto suing farmers when the farmers natural crops become GMO contaminated, how about the seed saving investigation where monsanto claims IP theft and destroys legally stored see becuase monsanto genes infected the plants in the fields. Sorry GMO has risks and should be labeled as to its modifications, furthermore GMO strain should not be grown open to air until it's proven non harmful to humans and wildlife. If a crop is infected with a GMO strain the farmer should have the right to sue for the crop contamination, not the other way around.

  5. wow seriously Bt toxin filled food… sure there are good GMO just not a few of those made by monsanto proclaimed to be round up ready. I love the GMO with thicker skins and that are sweeter, I just don't like the addition of bug genes and bacterial genes, there needs to be labels on GMO to indicate how they are modified.

  6. We currently consume a fair amount of GMO "stuff". Canola oil (from the mustard plant which has been GMOed), sugar beet, Papaya and a few others that escape me right now. I can tell you that GMOs don't sit well with Asians. Russia is cleverly going "organic" and they will most certainly have a ready market. GMO crops, it seems, now require more pesticides than THOUGHT, they require more fertilizer and water. Well, I guess everyone has those latter three in excess.

  7. Well now I'm confused. Coming from the Heartland Institute and also backed by Bill Gates. How can these two be on the same thought? GMO's are touted as a good thing?! Sorry but this is so wrong! Just what does the farmers of the third world country got to do with the US? Why are they trying to give this junk to us because farmers around the world have some issues? So we are supposed to say ok – poison all of us cause you think you are fixing someone else's farming/food problems. This women is getting paid by the evil Monsanto and Heartland Institute needs to re think this.

  8. If you follow the mainstream media, you'll probably only know the Seralini 2012 rat feeding study as "that GMO cancer study that got retracted." You probably won't know that the paper has since been republished and Seralini himself has won two court victories defending his work. The Corbettreport youtube channel "Study Linking GMOs and Tumors Vindicated Yet Again…MSM Stays Silent"

  9. On the AutismOne Media YouTube Channel Called "Dr James Bradstreet – How Close Are We To An Autism Cure? Part 1" around minutes 37:00

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