Go Green Campaign.

I created a character named Mimi, a young girl with passion of to go green in her daily life. She inspires people to Go Green with her. She always motivated to conserve the world.

Animation was 100% done by me and music from videohive.

Software : adobe after effects, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator and sony vegas.

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20 thoughts on “Go Green Campaign.”

  1. Great animation work!
    You should check out Greenius channel, they make Green projects for a better future. Go Green!

  2. go see Greenius Greenius' channel, they support a better Indonesia! Help us make our country go green

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  4. Like Go Green Solutions Waste Management Volunteers, on Facebook for Green Solutions!!
    Yip Yip

  5. This IS what will happen Mark my words, we will have an advanced society based on sustainability, with the population engaging in relevant and meaningful tasks, NOT the contrived, shallow, and meaningless occupations which we all engage in on a daily basis in this society. "What will people do?", same thing would be asked by a hunter gatherer who had to hunt and run all day, if you went back and told him we had factories to turn out products and cars, trains, planes, machines, and the rest

  6. But remember, switching over to full renewable energy (in America alone, North Dakota and Kansas have enough wind potential to power the entire country), using nanotechnology to materialize goods in every home without need for sales, setting up Magnetically Levitated trams for transportation of people at 3,000 mph with minimum energy usage…these things will NEVER be done in a monetary system, since they will eliminate the Market, which requires jobs, scarcity, and inefficiency to exist

  7. at this day and age, we have truly advanced machinery that is intelligent, using computer engineered robots and large assembly units doing everything, from making houses in 24 hours (look into contour crafting), to making a perfect meal the way you want it cooked, machines are on the way to making the job market completely vanish, and its corrupt to still keep money around, since machines should actually free humanity from the mundane and drudgery of "work", which I really think is slavery

  8. the problem is that our entire system is exploitative at it's roots. This is a very very important aspect that is entirely overlooked by most academics and professionals. The pursuit of profit, I dont care whether its government collecting taxes, Corporations selling things to people, or banks making a killing from interest rates, its all corrupt. Because money assumes that things are scarce or money is needed for the labor, which at this point in human history, both are free and abundant

  9. You cannot make money in a sustainable way. Imagine if it rained gold, you could not sell gold to anyone. BUT…like they do in the Kimberly Diamond Mines, they burn the Diamonds to keep the price up. Having polluted waters is good for the bottling water business, having cancer "serviced" and not solved is good for "Healthcare" business. Having War…is good for weapons contractors and industry. Using money is good for banks, elites, or anyone seeking advantage over another human being

  10. Solution: Complete abolition of the Market Economy, Replacement with a Resource Based Economy: System where all goods and services are provided to all of earth's people, FREE of Charge, using advanced cybernation (machines and computers) for production, distribution, and monitoring the Earth's Resources. An RBE uses the scientific method towards problem resolution. People are not forced or coerced into "occupations", but rather free to experience life and contribute to society in meaningful ways

  11. You know…in a world that is becoming ever more ecologically minded, supposedly caring more for the environment…the greatest and most consistent destroyer of ecology is constantly overlooked: The Pursuit of profit. It's impossible to have a green Market Economy. The idea of sales and purchases insinuates the NEED for such things as money and exchange, which at this point in human history, are totally outdated and irrelevant when it comes to true societal progress and well being

  12. haha yeah :/ 3 years back and I don't really have much time to edit it back.
    anyway feel free to share it.

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