Going Organic – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 37

Everyone should be able to welcome healthy, organic food into their lives. So if you’re a good person, or at least like to pretend you’re a good person, sign the petition at http://www.thriveaction.org/JP

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Music: Yoga Breakdance by MC Yogi

Organic Talent in this video:
Elliott Hulse: http://www.youtube.com/elliottsaidwhat
Benji Travis: http://www.youtube.com/user/BenjiManTV
Diana Eisenman: http://www.youtube.com/DoItWithDiana
Daniel Eisenman: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZ9vG9pTRyvnMm_CJ5rO_Q

You’ll learn how eating organic food is the one true path to your health salvation.
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Want to know what happens in your body when you switch from eating conventional food to organic? Watch this! The study was conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL, and the full report is available here: https://www.coop.se/organiceffect

39 thoughts on “Going Organic – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 37”

  1. Awaken sir,
    can you please read my comment on your if meat eaters acted like vegans, I feel you should read it because I understand why we eat organic an I know Monsanto, them darn poopers. Hillary is being payed by them roar.

  2. Farming truly organic requires three times the land and five times the labor for the same yield. And it is fertilized with manure so has much more e-coli.

  3. HA! And Elliot in here too! Certainly, you're in a higher social class than elliot and his dirty regular bananas

  4. I was going to give u thumb up then saw the petition. Poor people can eat non organic beans and rice without food stamps like I did.

  5. THANK YOU so much for these videos! I have recently turned my hobby (leather crafting) into my day job and words cannot describe how awful my vegan sister-in-law has treated me ever since. Your vides are a kind reminder that I'm not the only one affected by this species of self-centered bastards. Keep up the great job!

  6. Organic food is so much more healthy. Just look at the third world cesspools where people wash their Yaks in the same river where they get their drinking water and then fertilize their crops with human feces. Those people have never even heard of pesticides, and they live in innocent bliss to the ripe old age of 45. Hopefully we can devolve our Western society to the point where all of us can consume even more life-threatening bacteria in our daily diets.

  7. Ha i just saw Benji. That ending was great. Also im an organic eater and a vegetarian. Great topics keep them coming and episode 39 is some of your greatest work.

  8. amazing! love it! and the collaborating was GREAT! 😀 I very rarely laugh out loud at youtube anymore, whole new story with THIS channel!

  9. It's quite beautiful that you managed to work a PSA, a petition request, and an ad into one of your awesome U-S videos!

    It's also quite beautiful that you got the beautiful Diana to beautifully accompany you.
    Her "whut?" in the opening porch scene is truly priceless.
    Also beautiful.

  10. We have short sermon jams and motivational videos. Go to our new channel and be empowered!


  11. buying organic is always good for the enviroment but please dont twist the truth to make people buy it, use real facts. If you lie that will just cause distrust for what you say in the future, which might be the truth

  12. As the scientist dude says, we know feck all about these chemicals in combination with one another – all the research is done on one chemical at a time. If it aint chemicals in food, how do the defenders of industrial agriculture explain decreasing fertility in women, sperm count and quality in men, growing ADHD, ADD, autism, cancer, etc., etc.
    So as long as I can afford it, I buy organic. End of argument.

  13. this has absolutely nothing to do with the food being organic… the only factor the changed was the food not being treated with pesticides…

  14. Did she seriously just say they're a "big family"??????? LOOLLLLL! 3 FREAKING KIDS IS A BIG FAMILY????!!! She's got to be kidding or scripted!

  15. Look there in the top left when it shows the graphs where it says "ng/ml." That's parts per billion(1,000,000,000)! That's increments of 0.0000001%!

  16. Forbes is a shill for both the pesticide industry and the bio-tech/GMO industry….
    it looks like most of the commenters here are also shills for those industries as well…

    Have fun you guys and gals …and just remember: "The truth will set you free"

  17. Now test for "Organic" pesticides, local fungal toxins, and the Winter Vomiting Bug while you are at it.

    Oh wait… that would screw up the little scam, wouldn't it?

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