Green dream goes wrong? German taxpayers have to pay more for renewable energy

Renewable energy benefits everyone, or so we are told. But it turns out that in Germany, the wind turbines are costing taxpayers money.


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20 thoughts on “Green dream goes wrong? German taxpayers have to pay more for renewable energy”

  1. Natural outcome of a do-gooder scam. Even more ripping off of the People for the sake of ever-renewable industry profits.
    BTW wind power plant owners are also PAID for their windmills shutting off during energy production peaks.
    How about Germany doesn't shut down any nuclear power plants until NATO nuclear missiles are removed from the country?

  2. It ain't going so good for the South Australia greenie enthusiasts and their industrial wind turbine specials. Twice the electricity price of the rest of Australia, mega-power outages due to the wind disappearing during mammoth heat waves with energy consumption at a max, companies leaving the region due to unreliable power and extreme power prices – often spiking above $1 per kwh. 1576 MW South Australia total capacity end 2016 (at) 33% CF that’s 520MW avg.

    “It has created a situation where that state has the most expensive and least reliable electricity in Australia,” Mr Turnbull said.
    “That is a fact. Of course they want to blame it on everybody else.
    “When they have the biggest heatwave there is no wind and when there is no wind, all of their windmills are not generating electricity.
    “They haven’t planned for that.”
    “AEMO understands the frustration from South Australian energy consumers … it is important to note that AEMO instructed load shedding to ease the pressure on the power system, protecting it from potentially impacting more residents, and for a longer period.”
    “..Adelaide’s expected top for Thursday is 42C, with Port Augusta, Coober Pedy, Woomera, Marree and Moomba forecast to reach 46C and Tarcoola 47C.
    Last night, as many South Australians arrived home from work and turned on their air conditioners, SA Power Networks announced it would start load shedding to cope with demand, plunging some areas into blackouts for half an hour or more, impacting about 90,000 customers…”

    “…Labor's extreme green energy policy comprising of 40 % wind power and 1.3 % solar, which is responsible for the highest power prices in Australia, 15,000 household disconnections, frequent blackouts, the July 2016 power crisis and is a leading cause of SA's job crisis, where SA has the highest unemployment rate in Australia !… between 6 and 10 major manufacturers told him they were considering SHUTDOWNS after WILD FLUCTUATIONS in ENERGY PRICES blamed in part on this weeks storms. The companies are understood to include besieged steel maker Arrium, Olympic Dam operator BHP Billiton, Pt Pirie lead smelter Nyrstar, Cement producer Adelaide Brighton and automotive supply chain firms linked to Holden.
    The social services sector has called for an IMMEDIATE SUMMIT, WARNING that the STATE'S RAPID RUSH INTO GREEN ENERGY HAS CREATED UNCERTAINTY FOR BOTH HOUSEHOLDS AND EMPLOYERS. SA's POWER CHARGES have SOARED in the past week, hitting MORE THAN 7 TIMES the Victorian price and ALMOST 8 that in NSW because the state's market is isolated from the rest of Australia.
    Upgrades to an interconnection cable between SA and Victoria have been delayed by wild storms. Mr Koutsantonis said frigid conditions in the eastern states were also eating up gas supplies which had further left SA fending for itself and created HUGE PRICE VOLATILITY…”
    The PROBLEM WITH WIND generated power by Iain MacGill (Uni of NSW Centre for Energy and Environment) is wind farms also STOP OPERATION when it's TOO WINDY – speeds of 90 kms and higher. But on calm days wind farms could SUCK UP MORE POWER THAN THEY GENERATE.
    SA is facing WHOLESALE ELECTRICITY PRICES that are ROUGHLY DOUBLE that of other states for MORE THAN 2 YRS according to figures from the Australian Energy Regulator. Wholesale energy costs are the prices charged by power stations. SA CURRENTLY PAYS $70 per megawatt hr for wholesale power and the AER forecasts that charge will rise to a peak of $94 by mid 2018 when the price in Vic will be just $41." The state also has the HIGHEST proportion of customers on HARDSHIP PROGRAMS. South Australian Council of Social Services (SACOSS) executive director Ross Womersley said "We have the HIGHEST ELECTRICITY PRICES IN THE NATION IN SA. WE HAVE THE HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT IN SA AND THAT'S NO COINCIDENCE."”

  3. Battery storage is a game changer making wind and solar base load power.
    Clean energy production with solar panels / tiles and battery storage.
    Clean energy consumption with electric vehicles.  No emissions.
     A new solar roof, battery storage, an electric car charger and an electric vehicle.
    Solar panels are now being projected to have a much longer life than just a few years ago.
    Electric cars, electric trucks, electric lawn mowers, electric snow blowers, electric tools, no emissions.

  4. The problem is the battery ….
    If the energy converted directly to electric it will be free. But if you put the electric in the battery it will cost more than any other energy source

  5. Yeah, great idea shutting down your German nuclear power plants while countries like Bangladesh are building new ones. I'm sure they're gonna be so much safer there…


  7. hahaha. laughing so hard. peasants elites or failed corporations led terrorists org is getting richer again.

  8. atleast they can pay the bigger bills. Meanwhile Eastern Europeans are struggling to put food on the table. the EU really worked out for us

  9. Wrong dictionary. Green energy peaks causing "below" zero KW hours prices is called somebody is as happy as a pig so much that they go even further. Ore industry arc electric furnaces could easily use all the wind energy generated. Maybe even learn to use house heat since when I was there they seem to not care about heating houses much.

  10. renewables are another jew Rothschild bankster globalist scam fraud treason .. designed to destroy the coal-fired base load power, cheap energy resource, advantage and manufacturing Economies in all Christian Western Nations … enabling the rise of Rothschild jew controlled China CCP, India etc… satanic Rothschild International jewry controls all the Nations,UN ,IMF,BIS,Wall st ,City of London ,Shanghai stock exchange etc etc …the jew masonic bankster globalist scum looting the Nations as usual with satanic lies and deceit …


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