How Solar Power Will Empower the World

Solar power is cheaper than ever and it will revolutionize the world.

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Solar Power

Solar power will cross a carbon threshold by 2018

Solar Panel Cost

Here is the strait truth about solar. I know the solar company’s are not going to like me after this but I live on solar everyday I know the facts in and out. Debunking some air conditioner myths about YouTubers running air conditioners on just a few panels.
Here at Goforgreenliving Homestead we love our solar system but don’t depend on it. When I say that I mean its not going to give us all that we want during rainy days or even rainy weeks. We know how to adjust to this and keep things going come learn what we do when sky’s are grey. We hope this helps!

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39 thoughts on “How Solar Power Will Empower the World”

  1. The road i live on has about 3 cars per day.
    Obviously the best places to start using solar roadways is on steep south facing slopes in areas of very low traffic.
    It's a no brainer. No wonder so many of the usual gullible fuckwits are falling for the fossil fuel BS that "solar roadways won't work'. Just as they did regarding standard solar panels during the 80's and 90's.
    "People who say it can't be done should get out of the way of people who are already doing it"
    Chinese proverb.

  2. Did you investagate something about ecological impact of silicon industry, like mining for example, amount of silicon in the planet etc. I like solar power, I only ask out of curiosity

  3. If weren't for the fact that I rent and don't have the money to do it myself, I would go solar on my house. I might even ditch the grid all together.

  4. Tidal power as well is now becoming viable. As long as the moon does not go away, power can be produced. This may be more viable for seaboard cities.

  5. A pretty biazed video in my view. Solar power is the only way forward? How about wind power and other zero emmision energy sources?

  6. This Channel deserves so much more
    Keep up the great work! i belive that one day this Channel will be gigantic

  7. Do you know the greatest fucking thing that happened to solar?



    It gives storage more than one purpose and any business or individual could make profit be operating as a transportation service and a micro grid storage for virtual 24 hour operation. Top it off with Autonomous vehicles and you've literally gone through a phase change in society.

  8. This makes me really hopeful. If there's anything we need it's effective power generation, and nuclear to offset any drops in power production from cloudy weather.

  9. Solar power isn't the only energy source that produces clean energy from a (practically) infinite source. Nuclear power does as well. Solar power is awesome, but requires the sun to be out. When it isn't we need still need power. And probably more power. Batteries might be a solution, but even then it's problematic in places that get little, or even no, sun in the winter.
    So until we get to a point where we can get all our energy from renewable sources, we NEED nuclear. It's the only other clean option we have that is effective enough.

  10. It's nice to find other people who still believe the world is becoming a better place despite the world's political climate. Administrations come and go, but science marches ever forward.

  11. Thanks Daniel for sharing your system with us. Solar is definitely a luxury and a lifestyle change. Your the power company, lineman appliance repairman and electrician weather we like it or not :)

  12. Very good explanation on your setup and how to do it cheap. Everyone's circumstance is different and so their system will be different. Good video.

  13. yes you are right. a solar backup system can be expensive. I could not afford $30K for a small system. so I built my own. i mean I custom designed the PC boards for the MPPT charge controller and wireless monitoring system. I still have about $2,700 in a 1,200 watts of solar and 10K watts of battery.
    your right about harbour frieght. i would shy away from most of their solar products. Although I do use the 300A battery disconnect switch.
    Taking a quick look at your system I see a common mistake that bit me in the butt for months. resistance in the wiring connections and the type of bolt hardware used. heres a test. when the panels are really putting out measure the voltage drop on the positive wire and then on the negative wire. Add it up, multiply by panel voltage. If more than 2 watts then theres a problem. I had a huge 50 watt loss. My problem(s) were, corroded battery terminals, using dissimilar metals, loose fuse holder connections and using cheap glass fuses. Oh thats why my 30A load was blowing a 60A fuse. loose contacts, getting hot and melting the internal connection inside the fuse. in 28yrs of elec engr never saw that before.
    would love to chat more with you. I don't mind sharing my experiences with you.

  14. you said the smallest ac you can get is 5000 watts? you not only dont have a good grasp of how solor works . you dont know the difference between watts wnd BTU's. you can most certainly run a. 5000 btu window ac off of solar . without the use of a generator. provided you use quaility mppt charge controller, and wire your system correctly. what you have not done. cheap Chinese cotrollers and wired bass acwards ,for 20$ will not work!!!! this my friend is why your bashing solar?
    your lack of true knowledge about solar performance is why your flustered and whining , this is your fault. accept it ,invest in better equipment. you will be glad you did. lesson learned.

  15. we live in N.W. Arkansas, live in a 1800 sq ft hybrid earthbag home, and cool our house with an 5000 btu window unit, 3.2 amps X120 volts= 384 watts, making it very doable on solar, thermal mass is amazing, earth is an amazing efficent building material

  16. Bro, with that setup in the wooden shed, you are going to have a fire. Put them in metal enclosures and save your land. Electrical devices are in rated enclosure for fire control only, no other reason. GET THEM! Also, its six amps, no sixty. Most panels will rock 30-35VDC at 8A max. When you string them together, you add the voltage, the amps remain the same unless you combine additional strings – which you did not. You will benefit greatly by getting some individual MPPT electronics. Like a shitload of benefit.
    You getting there, giving the finger to big power. Good on ya!

  17. And this is why we are working on mini hydro off our stream. We will only have about 500w BUT that is 24/7 rain or shine, wind or no wind. Water power was on our list when we were looking for our homestead. It doesn't just happen unless you have at least a 35' head on your property and a decent year round flow. I feel your pain. Ck out our Smoky Mountain Aquaponics and Homesteading FB page as well.

  18. Good video, thanks for the information. I support solar and it is good to see someone talking about the difficulties of solar energy collection.
    Clearly the most important reason for needing solar or an alternative energy source is the fact that you are a homestead. Having lived that life as a child for several years I know exactly what you mean. I remember we also had a generator for charging some batteries. Unfortunately we were in Nova Scotia at the time so solar energy simply wasn't an option. Particularly as that would have been the 1970's.
    Cool system, would be great to see one up close one of these days.

  19. I forgot why I wanted to post something. Your link to the July 5th You Tube channel doesn't work. (Probably a typo). Thanks!

  20. I personally thank you for this video. I'm not quite to this point, but I enjoyed watching what you have to say. I'm kind of shocked by all the thumbs down, too. Does this community (off grid) have lots of judgmental people who dis others for not doing thing their way? I'm not accusing them, just curious. Many of the comments are trying to be helpful with suggestions, but some are just rude. I guess you have to have thick skin to be a YouTuber. ☺️

  21. and that's the problem. you have to have redundancy. if you don't have enough light to power your system you should have wind, or a generator, or have a connection to the power company or all of it. or you're f'd.

  22. You got a decent inverter. Why do you have cheap charge controller?!!!!!! Ebay chinese made piece of junk. They are OK if you are using it for RV purposes. Do yourself the favour and and get the Conext MPPT 60 charge controller or better. Where is your PV combiner panel???? (Fuse each panel and a diode to ensure no back feed from other panels. Solar panels are not all the same. Dude you need to do some serious homework!!!!

  23. now come on we install all sorts of arrays when we do a 12k install we only have 10,260 dollars worth of equipment and that's using top of the line solar edge stuff now depending how you are mounting it can go up 2-3 k but iron ridge is the best bang for the buck do to the price wars that are going on you can do solar for 48 cents a watt

  24. u should have a tree near your solar panels so that sap and pollen and the dirt that washes off tree leaves will fall onto your panels. plus the ph from the tree helps the panels last longer. oh wait nvm

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