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Hyundai Ioniq hybrid review:
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The Hyundai Ioniq is a landmark car, as it’s the first to be offered in hybrid, all-electric and plug-in hybrid versions. It’s the hybrid – the likely best-seller we’re driving here. The Ioniq is all-new from the ground up, and as a very credible rival for the Toyota Prius. It’s smartly styled, with a conventional interior and is suitably practical. It’s not hugely entertaining to drive, but running costs are low.

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“A team of students at Middle Tennessee State University have developed a kit that can turn any car into a fuel-efficient hybrid. Dr. Charles Perry has lead the research since 2008, and his team used a 1994 Honda station wagon as their platform. The retrofit is installed in the wheel well and only costs ,000.” Watch the video and find out what John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson think on TYT University!

What do you think about this sort of hybrid kit? Would you consider installing one in your car? Do you think this sort of system is a good alternative to buying a new hybrid until they become cheaper? Let us know what you think down below!

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39 thoughts on “Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid hatchback review – Carbuyer”

  1. I can't help but being amused by all the people saying this looks better than a Prius. For me this car looks clean and modern but also bland and souless, while the Prius looks modern but also exciting, dynamic, fanciful and original. I wouldn't base my decision on looks, but if I did, Prius wins hands down.

  2. it's pronouced "Hyun deh" with the "Hyun" rhyming with the back end of "onion" and "deh" rhyming with the "e" sound in "debt."

  3. What an idiot, besides sounding like a sponsored infomercial why would you try a bottle of water in everything but the cup holders where one might actually put a bottle of water. Who puts a bottle of water in the glove compartment… idiot…

  4. I just reviewed this car. He didn't rest his head on the head rest. I'm 5 foot 11, and i have to lodge my head firmly on the rooflining to rest on the headrest.

  5. Main pros of Ioniq is the look of it. It looks nice here in video, but in person, it's 10 times nicer. Unlike Prius which is just ugh. As for the drivetrain issues, it's Hyundai's first Hybrid, I'm pretty sure Prius wasn't perfect when it was first released either. And now it's at version 4 or 5 already? I wonder how electric only Ioniq stacks up against other electric cars like Leaf which is again, also enjoying it's N'th iteration and Ioniq is the first…

  6. 'The dash doesn't have a WOW factor,' really? You're talking bollocks! It's a dashboard, are the controls functional? Within easy reach and clearly marked? That's the WOW factor you should be looking for…

  7. One of the biggest things that has kept me out of the hybrid car market is worrying about huge out of pocket battery replacement charges after the warranty is gone in 8yrs or 100k which ever comes first (for me in 6yrs or less) .
    After reading the info on Hyundai website about the Ioniq life time battery components warranty has me looking at buying one. The better styling over the prius and the traditional cockpit look and feel over the prius is also a plus not to mention the starting price is $2,600 under the prius as well. Nice job Hyundai.

  8. Mention to the presenter, PRIUS DOES NOT HAVE A CVT!

    Note that CVT is belt-type transmission, but prius has eCVT which is planetary gearset with two electric motors – no belts at all.

  9. A YouTube channel showing people talking about clips showing people talking about clips they are showing.

    So you guys are some kind of low budget middle-man for network news?

  10. lol! nice set, nice intro, nice girl, nice outro, shame none of them know anything about anything!!

  11. I would buy this in a second! My car, literally, does not like to go slow. City driving ends up depositing so much carbon on the heads, valves and piston crowns that I find I need to run an 'Italian tuneup' every month or so or it will start missing like crazy. If I could run on batteries, for the most part, while driving under 40, that would be HUGE!

    As for this having gone nowhere 3 years later, Universities are great at developing tech that no one will ever use, unfortunately.

  12. How Idiotic ! a couple of ignorants talking about tech they have clearly no idea about ! What is the point exactly ?

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