India faces huge challenge of recycling e-waste

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Indians are buying more electronic goods, phones and computers than ever before. The country is now the world’s second-largest smartphone market after China. This creates a major challenge for India: how to recycle the millions of tons of digital waste thrown away every year. Although legislation exists, more than 90% of electronic products are still reprocessed illegally in the slums of large cities, causing irreparable damage to the environment and to people’s health.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett, Elom Marcel Toble and Claire Pryde.

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How the west dump Electronic Waste in Africa and India

Movie made by Greenpeace showing how e-waste sent as “charity” in reality turns out to be electronic waste
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22 thoughts on “India faces huge challenge of recycling e-waste”

  1. how bout the keep the rubbish out of Africa and Africa kicks all forane companies out of Africa and then the west cam start begging like little dogs for the all the gold and oil while africa concitrates on fixing africa africa do not need the west the west needs africa HAND OF THE MOTHER LAND YOU THEAVES, !!,,,,,

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  3. the west exploits africa steals all the resaurses and all there waste end up back to Africa, the African leaders need to say nought is nought and stop been puppets the reform of African leaders start 400 years ego with tribes and america and England have the made it up to leaders and African poletisians and there all puppets that take onvelopes of money from this pigs that why africa is going back walk, and now the Arabic state Libya Iraq Afghanistan syria south arebia, are exploited for the oil africa for the gold and diamonds Arabic state for the oil so you see there all puppets, gaddafi and sadam held the keys to negosition to the tribes that where there from a long time ego now there out of the way the west exploite them while they feed the weapons and the busy suckling oil, people are sleeping wake up!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am from the United States where I recycle the metals from electronics and get cash. I will even pay a few dollars for an electronic item. .  This stuff has gold platinum silver palladium copper steel aluminum  etc. in it. Its all worth money. I rarely have to pay for stuff because people just give us everything free. I don't burn anything or have acid baths laying around. Its all how you do it. Send me containers of this stuff anyday..I don't know why E-Waste is so bad.  Just don't release the toxins.

  5. Well. There is proof enough. They know the trick about the loophole to export them as second hand electronics, and ALL parts know that is is a lie. Why no one does anything about it?

  6. НАХРЕНА они их ломают? Собрали бы себе нигерский суперкомпьютер из говна и щепок. Благо, Unix позволяет собирать кластеры из любого подручного барахла.

  7. Wow these people are breathing in this smoke.. this will kill for sure. And the poor animals drinking that filthy water. My god, stop the madness!!!! I will never recycle electronics again.

  8. I'm from the Netherlands and brought my old junk to a recycle yard in some old container that probably was going one these 3th world country's..
    Should i feel guilty now?


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