Is Cleaning Solar Panels Worth It? – Real World Test Results

How much lost power generation can you restore by cleaning your solar panels? Let’s find out!

In this video, I will clean my solar panel system on top of my off grid shed and measure the results throughout the day. The results will shock you… I know they shocked me!

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20 thoughts on “Is Cleaning Solar Panels Worth It? – Real World Test Results”

  1. I have 4 of the DM Solar 145 panels. Very nice. No complaints. One charges my golf cart batteries and 3 feed a grid tie inverter. Average about 110 to 120 watts each.

  2. I have been enjoying your videos for a long time. If I’m not being too nosy, about how much percent of your electricity are you able to generate with those 4 panels?

    We have houses nearby, and some of them have 16 or so panels, as far as I can see driving by. But I’m Mid East Coast, with less sunlight than what you have.

  3. Wow! That is a difference. Be careful not use cold water from the hose on hot panels. That can crack the glass. I find it best early in the am or in the eve. after it cools down, as not to "shock" the panels.

  4. The reason why you got more watts is because you cooled the panels washing them… Cool panels = more power.. Test next time at peak sun.. Just spray water on them and you will get same results…

  5. I clean my panel daily. Because it's a ground panel I simply pee on it as I'd be peeing anyway. Not only do I not use water to clean the panel, I'm also not flushing a toilet. 😉

  6. I can get 20 amps when my panels are squeaky clean on a sunny day. If I clean them with just a quick wash, I get almost 19 amps. I do have more solar than I need; it is nice not to have to be so diligent cleaning my panels.

  7. Nice having them mounted low on your garage. Easy to clean. I'd wash 4 panels like you have for that gain simply because it's fast and easy.
    My friend has a 3.1 (or so) system and they are mounted on the back of his house. With his walk out basement it's 3 stories up and more panels. I don't think he cleans them often or at all.

  8. I had some solar panels in a big city. The pollution/dust was so bad that I had to wash them off monthly or they would be completely black. Also any of the aluminum that touched anything non-aluminum started to corrode. The panels were also dripping wet in the morning so it caused some moisture problems on the roof. Never put solar panels on a roof, too many secondary issues.

  9. The two things I was warned NOT to do in the UK was to use a mechanical instrument such as a broom or scraper or a high pressure water hose to clean panels. This will agitate the soiling against the surface causing minute scratches which accumulate over time and reduce the panel's output. A mains water pressure hose only should be used or in our country rain does the job (it really does). Additionally, high pressure water can defeat the DC connection housings with the consequent possibility of DC short circuiting, or worse, DC electrocution which is lethal.

  10. Great video. You might consider ditching the soap and using deionized water or distilled water and a soft nylon brush.

  11. I guess you will have to revisit this topic in a year or so with a device that can measure the actual power provided for the rest of the day.

  12. I love this washing video. Lots of interesting points of view. Best one in my book is the pigeon poop comment! Check it out! Hahaha.

  13. I want to do it on my grid tie system. But can only do it on my shed. Agreed with majority that this is not necessary. But I want the maximum system power lol. New sub here. Going thru your archive right now

  14. The downside is that only lasts ~1-2 weeks and a good rain storm has the same effect.  Generally not worth the effort unless it's something the rain can't wash off like pollen.  I have an device that costs ~$500 that has the same net effect as cleaning the array every 1-2 weeks…. ~15% more panels :/


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