Is Wind Energy Worth It?

Should we really be investing in wind?
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Special thanks to GE for bringing us out to their research centre and allowing us to pick their brains!

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19 thoughts on “Is Wind Energy Worth It?”

  1. What a disappointing title. It's of no question weather wind turbines are feasible, top acting like it's a questionable matter!!! You're feeding the opposite argument!!! You should name the title 'benefits to wind energy'. Someone may just read the title and think this is an actually debatable issue

  2. Only if its at point of use.. house or business.. 7% of all electricity produced in the US BY ANY MEANS is lost in transmission. ITS CALLED RESISTANCE.. The Grid Itself is a major problem to centralize power and push it around a lossy, leaky, grid system is so wasteful. 7% Read a Book. – Only if its hybrid wind/solar design.. There's no wind in june/july/august. Generate it where it gets used right at the home or business and balance wind/solar and yes, hell yeah, its worth it.

    Centralized wind or solar or any power centralized is not the future. Distributed generation is like the internet for electricity. THAT is the future. These giant utility/govt waste projects that benefit nobody is not the future, that is old news people. Get Your Own power.

  3. These guy's missed so much. 1 If wind power is free why to the turbine operators demand 3 or 4 times normal hydro rates for their power. 2 No mention that wind power farms have to be backed up by conventional power plants to general power when there is no wind, you are paying twice. 3 the health issues are not just birds and bats, its people, wild life, in fact everything living in the vicinity of these things. 4 these wind towers are massive construction sites that will leave massive negative environmental footprints for ever. Such a shame these to guys could not take long enough to come up with a balanced view.

  4. They showed this video in my technology class😊 When they started the video I was like: MIIIIIITTTCCCHHH!!!! GRRRREEEEEGGG!!!! AAAAAHHHH!

  5. Why have two turbines go at 50% than one at 100% (why did they turn off the turbine in front of the other one) Please help im very curious

  6. There are so many windmills in the Midwest. When we went to Chicago from St. Louis, we saw tons. When we drove to Colorado, we saw windmills all through Kansas and the plains half of Colorado.

  7. Inplix has the best handbooks and ready instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

  8. 1.The best windmills can take 58% of wind's energy,slowing it down.
    2.You guys flew for one video!Well,everything for your subscribers eh.
    3.We Filipinos can benefit from it since we get 20 typhoons a year.Slightly more than 20 since climate change started to take noticeable effect.

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