Laser printer makes colors without ink

Scientists notch an advance in creating structural colors. Learn more –

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When I saw Popular Science magazine publishing a picture of an alleged ISIS attack drone I could not believe my eyes. I have exactly the same “drone”, except mine is probably a whole lot faster because it’s powered with a jet engine rather than a propeller. Visit the following links for the PopSci story and more information on the warnings I posted back in 2002.

PopSci story “What we know about ISIS’s scratch built drones”

My original warning from 2002:

The full video of my jet-powered ISIS Drone:

Since this video has already been seen over 500,000 times, did it inspire the “scratch-built” ISIS drone depicted in the PopSci story?

And here are some more videos explaining the construction of my drone:

20 thoughts on “Laser printer makes colors without ink”

  1. this fucking intention seeker, isis drone looks nothing like your crappy toy drone so fuck off infidel

  2. Are you going to do an update to this video? It is now well documented that ISIS have been using commercial off-the-shelf hobby kits as well as quadcopters and weaponizing them successfully. I don't think there needs to be any hysteria regarding remote control aircraft but it is now a fact that ISIS is using such aircraft to defend their territory.

  3. Why use drones as missiles when they can just hijack a truck and run over 100 people…

    will they call trucks "ISIS mass destruction weapons" now?

  4. Woah ISIS use Xt-60's, I had them down as Deans guys.

    Maybe this explains why Spoktra50 went quiet, the terrororist needed someone who was good at crashing into things and they recruited Charlie, looks a bit like one of his.

  5. One of the funniest disclaimers at the end. Good thing you don't have oil Bruce, otherwise the US will be all over your fields.. I mean your 'weapons of mass destruction'.


    Because they are FUCKING retarded with IQ less than 90

  7. With any vehicle there is the possibility it could become a threat if enough time and energy is placed into making it lethal. You could make a scooter that blows up! I actually think the Chinese did this with those hoverboards.

  8. So far I have not have yet a RC PLANE that will not become totally useless when I put a few extra grams of weight… I mean Even mounting "Super Light Camera & Video Transmission Equipment" Is a mayor nuisance..reducing the range & making them way harder to control. Terrorist using RC equipment to do damage…. carrying explosives….??? Is just the sad way that the media have managed to use to throw their last punch on their panic & misinformation agenda.. News, Media, Journalism Have died.. the only left overs is just a bunch of Yahoos trying to drive their agenda!! I believe way more in the tabloids than in them…

  9. looks similar but it is a crued copy of yours. quakes, oh no.! stay safe and keep us posted.!!✈
    Ron, Florida u.s.a.

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