Lecture – 21 Wind Energy I

Lecture Series on Energy Resources and Technology by Prof.S.Banerjee,Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in.

Our animated correspondent “Little Lee Patrick Sullivan” explains how the wind can be used to generate power, including where wind comes from, its history as a power source, how wind farms generate electricity and what’s likely to be the first major offshore wind project in the U.S.

39 thoughts on “Lecture – 21 Wind Energy I”

  1. very interesting moment of learning about wind energy and its relevant in power generation as a renewable energy source. I need more on mathematical modeling of wind turbine and control system. Thks.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.. I am a fan of wind energy and this lecture helps me understand more about it..

  3. We all want to have an clean energy resources where we can freely use clean, green energy that last for a long long time.. so, is wind energy sustainable source of clean energy?

  4. This is awesome lecture, after watching it I understand more of the importance of wind energy in our generation and in the future… great job!

  5. Wonderful lecture… thank you so much for sharing your time on sharing us about wind energy…. great job!

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  8. Great Video however your audio is so low that tuning up everything on my computer to max still left me with low audio. How about a re-mix with an audio boost?

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