Magic The Gathering Interviews: Green

Acceptance through Wisdom? Trust me, there’s more than the surface which Green will show you.

Art by Aviatre

Edited by Drake Vagabond

Green played by Inrezairo

Mark Rosewater played by DaWillstanator



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  1. Its the green, it's the green, it's the green you need. And when I look at notifications its the green that I see

  2. I often hear people saying: "This color is stupid", or "This color pairing is the worst", and I don't think that's the right way to look at these. These videos are about philosophy, and no single color or color pairing's philosophy is inherently bad. Flawed? Absolutely. Taken to excess, Green's placid attitude is just as terrible as White's totalitarianism, or Black's utter ruthlessness​. But every color has both heroes and villains, and it's important to see what each color has that the others don't. Green has what it needs, and it knows what it is. No other color has that.

  3. Man I'm not sure which I'm more hyped for next!

    Probably Red. I like fire a bit more than I like… machines? What element would blue be?
    His basic land cards are islands and his symbol is a teardrop, but his theme is technology.

  4. After starting my day off with politics, I'm glad to have found this; it really improved my mood!

  5. I love these so much. I know they must take a ton of work but legit these are my favorite thing you have ever made.

  6. I want to discuss green in it’s two ally pairings,those being Gruul and Selesnya, and what is the dynamic between each of the colors in these pairings.First off would be the Gruul clan.The Gruul are usually summarize by their motto “Not Gruul then die”,yet that is not the case for Gruul.Looking at Gruul seeing red and green together may lead you to the concept of being of being wild and free,but it’s more than that.Gruul’s true philosophy is being free for the sake of growth.Red gives Green freedom to do what it wants and Green uses it to grow and develop faster.This means that freedom allows someone to be stronger because they can unleash their full potential more naturally and faster.This is why this pair despises white and blue.White gives laws that hinder a persons growth because of the restrictions,while blue uses unnatural means to acquire growth like experimentation and other stuff.Gruul isn’t just aggression but it’s the purest form of unhindered and natural growth for a person.To segway,Growth is Selesnya’s main goal.Though unlike Gruul that focuses on individual growth,Selesnya focuses on communal growth.Selenya’s motto is basically is “One For All”.Though much like Gruul it’s much deeper than that.Selesnya wants growth not for itself but for the community,it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice oneself to help the community.White gives the concept that your just part of the community so do what ever it takes,Green adds to that by showing importance and a purpose to a person.White also grants order which allows Green’s wild side to be more time.This pair detest red and black.Red leads to chaos in the community leading to the hindering of growth.Black focuses more on himself more than anything else which is a direct contradiction to this pairings beliefs. Selesnya wants growth but not growth for oneself but growth for a community for us to be more powerful together without any unnecessary sacrifices.In summary these two pairings look for growth in either community or an individual,but in the end they focus on one thing natural strength without any forms unnatural means.
    Nice Work The Fiery Joker
    Keep it Up:)

  7. Been a long time since I’ve seen one of these. But man was the wait worth it. Great job, Brand.

  8. The problem with Green’s ideology is that technology is a factor born of nature. Man adapted to be the smartest, then took the pieces nature gives us to fashion tools. These tool make us the dominate species. That mean nature has to adapt to US as much as we adapt to nature. Technically isn’t exclusive to nature, it is merely another piece of the puzzle that she chooses to ignore. It is not an “outside force.”

  9. I love Green's philosophy, but I can also use it against itself: if everyone needs to follow their instincts, what if Black's instincts are telling it to be selfish, and Blue's are telling it to advance technology? ^^

  10. Why does everyone treat blue and black like garbage aside form black. Lol everyone talks so much crap against blue and black no wonder these guys hate everyone. Also im starting to think red is too dumb to know nobody likes him aside from black

  11. Get off your optics plez. Staring down your sight makes it hard to get a good view of what’s in front of you.

  12. Do they not take spacing into effect when on that small rooftop, at least 7 guys could've been killed if someone threw a grenade up there lol

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