20 thoughts on “Nature Documentary Russia’s Secret RainForest 2016”

  1. People complaining about Chinese medicine ruining the planet, please take into consideration that the majority of the things you use, from food to shampoo, contain palm oil. Mass amounts of forest land are being torn down and burnt (which also releases CO2, ruining the atmosphere and can lead to build up of acid in rain which, when falls, destroys trees, animals, and plants) to plant trees not natural to that area for your luxury goods. And news flash! Tearing down trees destroys animal habitats, yet again leaving species endangered. So before you go saying racist remarks and blaming everything on the Chinese, remember that the dying planet is your fault too. (And the pollution in China is mainly due to exports from HICs)

  2. Wow, so secret, they won't even show it on Youtbube… I wish people would stop this bullshit and just called it what it really is – a documentary, nothing else, nothing secret, nothing mindblowing…

  3. Shame on the Chinese for the destruction of not only these Tigers but many other animals like rhinoceros for their so called medicinal value as they become more affluent they'll just produce more effluent until they choke the planet to death.
    If these medical quacks believe in their craft why don't they Farm them or would that be obviously cruel.


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