“Nature” The Reptiles: Snakes ~ PBS Documentary

NATURE’s The Reptiles: Snakes reveals the secrets, surprises, and strangeness of two-headed snakes and other amazing reptiles.
The Reptiles continues with a look at the reptiles that humans may fear most: Snakes. But the film does not portray snakes as evil creatures. Rather, it takes us into their secret and very strange world to try to understand them better.
Even though most snakes are not lethal to humans, many people are still terrified of these slithering reptiles. The program illustrates how venomous snakes bite humans only in self-defense and would much rather not confront us. Snakes also provide a valuable service by controlling the rodent population.
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20 thoughts on ““Nature” The Reptiles: Snakes ~ PBS Documentary”

  1. Typical documentary about 10% devoted to education and the other 90% is focused on how deadly, how dangerous etc. Nothing on breeding rituals, having babies, intelligence between species, diurnal vs nocturnal species, anatomy, thermo regulation. Waste of time.

  2. Thise guys who "round up" rattlesnakes are just projecting their innate hostility onto innocent creatures. Barbaric.

  3. Beautifully filmed. But you're wrong about puff adders only using rectilinear motion. They can use serpentine motion, and, boy, can they shift when they want!

  4. NO matter how people want to defend SNAKES and castigate JONES, he did his research and presentation pretty well,some critics of him cant even go to the jungle and have an experience nor experiment on these deadly creatures,whats wrong of him if he mentions about how poisonous snake want offence is that is poisonous not vernous

  5. I love snakes since I was kid man, I have a picture of me handling a big boa constrictor, I love them to death man, they deserve to be alive, ahhhh I just snakes to have a happy life, by this I mean to don't be killed by a mean person It was shocking and still is shocking to see snakes being killed I love snakes much more than a dog or a cat

  6. At approximately 27 min in the snake catcher refers to the snake as "poisonous" even professionals get it wrong. Lmao

  7. Snakes get a bad reputation thanks to the Bible. Snakes use their venom for prey. They only bite humans if they feel threatened. Snakes will be long gone as heavy feet warn them before we get anywhere near them. Snakes main prey is usually mice and rats. They are essential for pest control. I hate JP Jones. I hope that JP Jones dies of snakebite.

  8. J P JONES is a fucking imbecile who knows nothing about nature, I hope once he's done killing all the snakes he gets swarmed by the huge rats that have sprung up in the snakes absence!

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