Ocean Pollution – Save Our Marine Life

Every year, millions of marine mammals die, because of what we put into the oceans. When you pick up a piece of plastic off the beach, you could be saving a whale. Why not save a life every time?
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The Problems and Causes of Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is a major global issue. It affects everyone the whole world over, and if it isn’t stopped, it could well destroy the planet. I hope this video makes people more aware of the problems of ocean pollution. Made for The Aware Youth, a website trying to get youths to think for themselves and make a difference. www.theawareyouth.co.uk.

Chap Patefield-Isacoff, 13, made using VideoScribe.

20 thoughts on “Ocean Pollution – Save Our Marine Life”

  1. I want to throw up I am disgusted to be a human being┬á come on people we have to scale it back we are killing the earth!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  2. Whales are considered fish by many scientists. Some say that they are mammals, but then how could they breath water?´╗┐


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