Parnassos Planet History – The Homeworld of Captain Phasma

Learn the complete story of Parnassos, the home of Captain Phasma, as well as its possible Greek and pop culture influences!

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40 thoughts on “Parnassos Planet History – The Homeworld of Captain Phasma”

  1. I’m currently reading phasma right now. And the parnassos story chapter reminds me too much of attack on Titan? The rocky terrain is like the walls, the grey sands is somewhat like the ocean, and what lay beyond the sand is like beyond the ocean is marley.

  2. wait so one nuclear meltdown rendered an entire planet uninhabitable? Even by Star Wars standards that is pretty far fetched.

  3. Parnassos has some great ski resorts… In Greece xD It's the 9th highest mountain of the country and was the sacred mountain of Dionysus! You can obviously understand that this name for a planet in the SW universe, is particularly funny for us Greeks!

  4. I’m…extremely late to the party on this comment…BUT – Has someone already pointed out that at the beginning of The Force Awakens the introductory paragraph says: “Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister FIRST ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, THE LAST JEDI, has been destroyed”.

    Just think this is simply the reason for the title of the Episode VII. And finally, maybe Phasma’s home world is Earth? Maybe time is an infinite loop with alternate dimensions and somehow the Star Wars universe merges with ours?

  5. Suprised no one has done a video on this yet but in Battlefront 2 when kylo goes though del's mind is that really how a force user goes though a persons mind? By having to kill everything they have experianced before? I'll also comment this on your last Q and A.

  6. In addtion to Greek mythology, the book features Old Norse culture and mythology. Except for Phasma and Keldo of course, many characters (especially from the Scyre clan) seem to have names from Norse mythology, such as Siv and Frey, or common Old Norse names such as Egil, Vala and Gosta (Gösta).


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