Pollution (Land, Air and Water Pollution)

This video concentrates on the effects of Air, Water, and Land pollution. Landfills are very detrimental to our land Ecosystems. Oil Spills affect our seas and oceans, while we pollute the air with our terrible chemicals and smokestacks. In this quick documentary, you will learn about all these things, and more, including diffusing some myths about Natural Pollution. You will also view videos of the Pacific Trash Vortex. I hope you enjoy this Documentary as much as I did making it. Have fun, and watch on.
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Hank talks about the last major way humans are impacting the environment in this penultimate episode of Crash Course Ecology. Pollution takes many forms – from the simplest piece of litter to the more complex endocrine distruptors – and ultimately, humans are responsible for it all.

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Table of Contents

1) Natural Compounds 01:12:1
a) Carbon 01:35
b) Nitrogen and Phosphorous 02:11:2
c) Cyanide 04:05
d) Mercury 05:15
e) Sulfur & Nitrogen Dioxide 05:58

2) Synthetic Compounds 06:51
a) Endocrine Disruptors 07:09

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39 thoughts on “Pollution (Land, Air and Water Pollution)”

  1. Dear Joraultechy,

    We like your video and we want to use a short portion (less than 10 seconds) of your video to use in our video profile. We are making a video about kemiri sunan (plant for green fuel) and we want to show a short footage about industry pollution. We will write your name in our end credit.

    We hope you are ok with that.

  2. we are destroying the nature of the earth the only plant we have to live,we Polluted the soil, rivers, oceans and the air by our industries, maybe even outer space too by astronauts feces. wy just to improve that we are(the human) so smarter than the other creatures or because of our gree.

  3. No hate to you but I hate when people get stuff wrong in these videos!
    At 0:20 you showed some "smoke stacks" and if you are wondering smoke is NOT white!
    That white stuff that you have in the video is something called Steam!
    Steam is actually completely harmless to the environment because all steam is is boiled water
    When you cook vegetables in water sometimes is boils and begins to bubble and evaporate into steam
    It is a common mistake I've seen it everywhere before but honestly with a mistake like that it is hard to take the rest of it seriously
    It is like grade 4 science pretty much everybody should know that!

  4. great doco. I wanted to know if I am able to use some of the footage for a short film I am making.
    The short film is 'an aliens guide to earth' showing what we are doing to the planet and each other.,
    if it is ok. how do I download? I will list you as a credit for footage of course.

  5. Hey Man, I wanted to see if I could use some of this footage for a project of mine, Trying to spread the word!! You will of course be credited.


  6. Amusing how you make claims that both support Veganism and Environmentalism, without ever mentioning them 😛
    Just presenting the general causes and affects done by human greed.

    Most of humanity worship Hedonism.
    Therefor, the chances of change are "Too little too late".

  7. Very, very, and very wonderful presentation. Precise, satisfactory and brief to the point. The presenter talk strait forward hammering out points on the subject. The presenter exactly talked like our lord Jesus Christ on mount Zion. God bless you my son to help people understand the phenomenon we faced unknowingly in this world. God bless you and your team. Emmanuel Kuol.

  8. I am unpleasantly surprised (well, not that much surprised) these series don't get as much attention as most of the other Crash Course series.
    Oh well… nothing new though:(

  9. minute 6: "sulfur" is never written with an "e"! (unless you're the CC team and secretly want everyone to FAIL MISERABLY AT THEIR TEST AND IN THEIR LIVES)
    Have a nice day everyone and hope you learned something!

  10. Watching this to lose all faith in humanity's future, as opposed to losing faith in humanity, which happens every time I use social media.


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