Revenge of the Electric Car: Documentary Full 1080p HD

In 2006, as many as 5,000 modern electric cars were destroyed by the major car companies that built them. (Who Killed the Electric Car?).

Who Killed the Electric Car Official Trailer

Who Killed the Electric Car Documentary

Today, less than 5 years later, the electric car is back… with a vengeance in (Revenge of the Electric Car), director Chris Paine takes his film crew behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM, and the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors to find the story of the global resurgence of electric cars. Without using a single drop of foreign oil, this new generation of car is America’s future: fast, furious, and cleaner than ever.

With almost every major car maker now jumping to produce new electric models, Revenge follows the race to be the first, the best, and to win the hearts and minds of the public around the world. It’s not just the next generation of green cars that’s on the line. It’s the future of the automobile itself.

Revenge of the Electric Car Official Trailer

The Electric Revolution Documentary

The Electric Revolution documentary goes back to the very first electric car and charts up and down the 110 year history. The film features vintage electric car collectors, EV designers and EV evangelists. Including Tesla Motors.

The film examines the failings of early EVs, the false dawn resulting from the energy crisis of the 70s and the controversial crushing of the GM EV1. Lastly, as mainstream manufacturers such as Renault invest billions in new EVs and governments invest in charging infrastructure, the film examines why it will be different this time.
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20 thoughts on “Revenge of the Electric Car: Documentary Full 1080p HD”

  1. Educate yourself: Google 'truth contest' and read 'The Present.' Too bad it isn't known more widely, environmental concerns would be taken more seriously.

  2. mor oxygen, less burners, mor hemp plants save the trees, sst kar with ah bed, wer do these comments go, pure electric shud not be confused with grid chargers, the ice age returns and we all go canibal, and for stone they used baked bricks in the tower which implies the pyrimids wer around b4 the flood, grid chargers make sence in regions of hydro dam, r outside hybrids with small burner charger and solar panelling, but really the race is on for the levi kar which might doom us all and leave ah rusty planet which does not matter long term, my first car sst rambler sedan had ah great bed by lever, it was ah v8 semi-auto but it burned oxygen pumped out deadly sleep gases and converted fuel mass into dissapating heat, but i sure could get around, and god never paid me for the invention of the wheel coz he had the idea first, of course i dont know I'm just a joe with private fingerprints, pedal kar electric doesn't listen to limitating physics which ses u can't get mor out than what u put in, defeated b4 we start, safe journeys

  3. Carlos doesn't get enough respect, he's no Elon but man they did a good job on the Leaf and that little Zoe, stupid battery lease aside which only plays into the misconception that batteries are a problem.

  4. And now we have an agent orange who wants to "mine coal".
    See where does the electricity is produced from… Coal, worse than gas!

  5. i just can understand how that guy in the beginner can love sports cars and still like electric too….i love sports cars, i dont care about going fastest in the world, as long as the speed is decent. But if theres no SOUND and DRAMA. then its just not what i want. its just not the same 🙁 sure you could say im polluting, and say i dont care about the environment (although i do), but….the emotion is just not there. Maybe have a hybrid in a sense that if i want to do mundane driving ill use the electric power, but also somehow squeeze at least a 6 cylinder in there with good gasoline power and a good exhaust?

  6. Did Elon do a "bait and switch"? He only says yes because he's tired or missed the real meaning of the term. It was a bait and switch in mechanical terms, but not an intentional deception. More accurately, his people didn't realize the final costs, and ran into a wall. They needed to update the costs and charges because of that.

  7. ALL of these big car manufacturers only decided to develop EV's because Tesla did it first, and did it so well to boot. So to hear these crooked, money grubbing capitalists speak so good of EV's now is actually disgusting and hypocritical. They all hated the idea of EV's before that, and were likely responsible for the sabotage or arson of many EV startups. Without Tesla i've no doubt we wouldn't even have hybrids now in 2017

  8. why China not included in this? they said China produced a lot more EV compared to the US.
    …Oh maybe in the part 2.

  9. Hearing all of the naysayers is so funny now. The guy talking about there is no way Tesla can make a Sedan is so funny.

  10. they have the bolt (fully electric) now but it has less range the the Tesla model 3 and costs more and Chevy isn't know for its quality

  11. Kick this mule! Pump out those PM2.5s! Of course everything man made has an emission cost including EVs. They may have "100%" efficient motors but they are hugely heavy (e-Golf 330kg battery pack for 24kWh) or overly large CdA (high drag) so vehicle efficiency is poor. Energy density is a huge issue. With 4kg of fuel (can even be waste Veggie oil) I can take 4 adult passengers 100 miles in y 16 year old Audi. A BMW i3 barely do that in summer (60Ah) let alone winter. Every year the battery degrades 3 to 4 % even without useage. Not a big deal for a massive Tesla S but huge in a Leaf or similar EV. Using rapid charging degrades the battery even faster. Where does the Cobalt come from to make cell phone and EV batteries? 50% from Congo: 40,000 kids mining the stuff just at today's demand levels. As an aerospace engineer I love the technology but can't justify the repeated mistakes of the ICE industry now being played out by EVangelism.


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