6 thoughts on “Secret of Free Energy – really working New videos Free Make”

  1. as always . a total waste of time / effort and hard drive space !! and as always these videos are never accompanied by a comprehensive explanation of what is being tested or achieved !!

  2. Pardon my comments; series of 6 – 12 – 24 volt batteries to convertor to 120 Volts connect to washing machine motor in turn by connecting belt to spindel's of an Altinator (sp) that produces 90 amps connect to Breaker box for house use with 6/12/24/ trickle back to battery bank. Now all that said altinator (sp) from automobile is where the Voltage is created by turning the spindel inside it (yes I realize I mis spell 2 much but most can get the idea.)

  3. Not very convincing, there's wires all over the place that could be mains or battery connected.

  4. How Is it free the motor needs batteries which will eventually deplete unless they have a charging feed back system what power can you attain from this system let us see it with a perpetual load like a washing machine or microwave oven nothing is free in this world !

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