Short Documentary: Help our Malaysian Endangered Species

The journey of the strong willed independent organizations that fight to conserve and preserve the local endangered species in Malaysia.

“HOMES” is an 8 minutes documentary that focuses on the local endangered wildlife animals. It is aimed to raise awareness about conserving the local endangered species and the importance of preserving these animals and their vanishing habitats.

At the end of the documentary, it creates awareness to the public about protecting local endangered species for the sake of our next generation. It creates sympathy towards these animals, and people contribute as they are one part of the earth.

Director: Nur Fara Emiera (YouTube: faraems)
Producer: Eileen Yip
Cinematographer: Tan Ben Hur
Editor: Syaira Ahmad

We do not own copyrights of the music used in the video
Video Rating: / 5

3 thoughts on “Short Documentary: Help our Malaysian Endangered Species”

  1. That's an amazing video. I searched for a great video a lot and finally found this. I was searching for this for a school presentation about Malaysian Wildlife.

  2. I loved it ! I love doing doing the most for animal last summer I gave 100 dollars to the zoo. If I can help I have some big ideas! : )


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