Tankless Water Heater Problems – Part 1

READ THIS! What to do if you have problems with your tankless water heater regardless of brand and how to avoid problems in the first place. Watch this entire video and pay attention to the notes! There is a lot of information and you will notice a recurring theme here. You do not have to suffer; there are people to help you if you need it. Generally when installed properly a professional grade tankless water heater is trouble free, but sometimes things can happen and you should know how to get the help you need if it does.

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Best ways to avoid problems:
1. Stay away from Home Center tankless products! (You’ll get little to no help when needed)
2. ONLY buy from and have installed by a trained, licensed and insured dealer of these machines!
3. Do not attempt to DIY a tankless install. You are putting your family at risk!
4. Read the Tankless 101 article here: http://www.profitableplumbing.com/tankless101.html

20 thoughts on “Tankless Water Heater Problems – Part 1”

  1. I self installed my Jacuzzi Tankless. Now maybe not a DIY for everyone, its doable for someone that can do basic plumbing. Nice scare tactic. LOL !

  2. Great video, everything you said is true! But the fact is that consumers just don't CARE! The Almighty Dollar will supersede anything you've outlined in this video. There's is a learning curve that people have to learn when switching to tankless. As a licensed contractor of 35 plus years, Baxi Certified Installer, Navien Certified Installer, I wouldn't install one in my own home or any of my customers homes.
    It's true most issues are installation related and when they hear what the cost to repair or correct the problem is, STICKER SCHOCK sets in. As a contractor I know that a simple tank style water will get the job done with literally "0" callbacks and MAYBE an occasional thermal coupling. HAPPY CUSTOMERS = a HAPPY CONTRACTOR.

    Best Regards, Bob.

  3. As an ASP and more specific ASP of the year for the western US in 2010, let me make some observations, You don't appear to have condensate collectors on either unit, an eventual build up of by products of condensation and leads to un balanced combustion and yep, error code 12. Your comment about no gas available is more likely to be error code 11 but can be a 12 if in 3 attempts at ignition it will read 12. An important thing to mention when purchasing one is, does the Factory provide warranty. Rinnai if bought out of the dealership network does not support the product.

  4. Are you, or are you not talking about replacing an existing water heater with a tankless? If that is the case of course hire
    professional. Sizing the gas line is most critical and installing a correct venting system dire beyond words. However you may be crying big scare if one is installing in new construction on an exterior wall, 3/4" sizing on both water and csst, in most cases.
    Just my opinion pal. Don't want too step on any toes here, I know you have to make a living. Good luck in your venture.

  5. Is that filter used for water that might be in Florida? That's where I live. I had an estimate for a Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater. The company wants to charge me around $350.00 to add a filter to this unit. The young man who came to my home seems extremely knowledgeable on this subject and works for a company. He does not think the Ecosmart systems are very good, however, it was rated part of the best tankless water heaters. I am trying to get a lower cost here. I live in a one bedroom condo with two bathrooms and a kitchen. Is this a good and inexpensive unit that does not need a filter? This is Florida and the water here is pretty bad.

  6. Installing these things is not rocket science. As long as you do a clean job with properly sized plumbing, how could you possibly screw it up? Yes, if you have a problem inside the panel, it will need to be repaired by someone that knows what they are doing, but almost any idiot can plumb hot/cold/vent/gas and hook up a few wires to the matching colored wires… Other than using the wrong size plumbing and leak testing, the only thing to screw up would be forgetting a drip leg.

  7. H Scott, from time to time we are starting to cold water for a brief moment when using hot water in our house with our tankless. Is that normal or a warning sign of a problem?

  8. Thanks for the video. My water heater just stopped working (it is 3 1/2 years old on a new house). I went through the simple steps of checking the filter and removing the cover to check the flame and then it started working. The filter didn't seem dirty, but just checking it was enough to get me working again and avoid the hassle of a service call.

    Thanks for the help.

  9. I Tried to listen but saying the SAME thing over and over again is annoying. I bet you are a great tech and you could make a great video but this wasn't it.

  10. If your considering installing a Tankless Water Heater to prevent waiting for hot water at sinks and showers, tankless is not the answer. In fact, a tankless water heater adds additional time to waiting for hot water since it takes time for the coils to come up to thermal capacity. Installing a TL4000N or TL5000N system WILL eliminate the long wait for hot water, is a simple 20 min DIY install and cost a fraction of a tankless water heater.

  11. Bang versus buck standard hot water heater all day long these things will do nothing but cost you a boat load of money if you have to have a technician at a hundred dollars a hour for several hours.

  12. So the whole video is to let people know that if they go the rout of installing the device themselves, is their fault that now they have to spend extra money to fix the problem also themselves, the way I see it, is that if you go the rout of buying a tankless/electric or gas water heater, is because you'd like to save a few hundreds a year on hot water cost, let's say, you save $200.00 bucks in a year period making the switch, BUT, a "professional electrician/plumber" wants (at least) $400.00 to $800.00 to install the damn thing, my question is: Why the hell buy these damn heaters if the money you're supposed to save in a 5 years period, has been profited to the benefit of a damn plumber's 1 and half hours job?


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