The Blind Assassin Of The Desert | Planet Earth II

The Blind Assassin Of The Desert | Planet Earth II

The Golden Mole is completely blind, but that has not hindered this deadly predator. It’s found an ingenious way of pinpointing prey in the desert using it’s exceptional hearing, and for best effect, it must burrow under the sand. This clip was taken from the Deserts episode of Planet Earth II.

A BBC Studios Natural History Unit production, co-produced with BBC America, ZDF, Tencent and France Télévisions.

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40 thoughts on “The Blind Assassin Of The Desert | Planet Earth II”

  1. This is a big example wlang mata Peru nbubuhay bakit yung mga tao completo bakit nagnanakaw

    See translation please….

  2. As a responsible channel BBC should have acknowledged that the footages were shot in David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Ithumba unit, in Kenya.

  3. The herd is much freindly with cameraman and officer . They show no sign of aggression even when officer approach near the baby for help , quit rare. African elephants are more fortunate then there asian counterparts as they are never captured for domestic use

  4. Too cute… Within a year she'll be strong and graceful as her mom😁😁😁 that little mudball!!! 😊😊😊

  5. I dont want to sound rude but i prefer american slang over English people slang. Like david attenborough my favorite.


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