The law of conservation of mass – Todd Ramsey

The law of conservation of mass - Todd Ramsey

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Everything in our universe has mass — from the smallest atom to the largest star. But the amount of mass has remained constant throughout existence even during the birth and death of stars, planets and you. How can the universe grow while maintaining its mass? Todd Ramsey answers that question by unravelling the law of conservation of mass.

Lesson by Todd Ramsey, animation by Vegso/Banyai.
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  1. Except… On the quantum level, every interaction requires the destruction and creation of particles. AAANNNDDD… as the speaker stated, mass can turn into energy and vice versa. Take that, physics!

  2. Is the this not false after all the universe was created in the Big Bang so matter and energy can be created from nothing

  3. The universe can't logically be a closed system because, if it were, it would have to break the law of conservation of mass before it could even follow the law of conservation of mass. We know the universe had a beginning so, naturally, it has a cause outside of itself. However, if you say it's a closed system, then it could never have had a beginning; no spontaneous generation of matter and energy OR Divine Design could've started it. The only way you could rescue this hypothesis is to assume that it was an open system at one point and has ceased to be so (however that works), or you can assume that it is an open system, even now. (Will the religious debate start?)

  4. I don't understand how Methane ( cow farts) is found in mass quantities in Outer Space. As I understand it Methane is a Organic compound made by living organisms On EARTH. How do we find Methane throughout Outer Space?

  5. why is science such a controversial topic.. I believe in God and all that, and science to me is really amazing. To think how far we have gone with the help of science really blows my mind sometimes. Cant we all just appreciate it for what it is? Yea, well thats not gonna happen… Humans will be humans

  6. I like the explanation but it was not true that the universe was created because of the ridiculous Big Bang. It was God who created the universe because He was beyond the isolated system and you can't create something out of nothing and how did that two atoms turn to energy and so whatever? The idea of the Big Bang that the 'nothing' decided to pack themselves and formed an atom is so ridiculous haha


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