The Most Endangered Animals Documentaries 2016 HD.

The Most Endangered Animals ( Documentaries 2016 HD ) Hey All Documentary lovers, today i show you a very

“These animals might be as common as dinosaurs soon.”

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Hired Goons
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[Think Stock Photos]
subinpumsom / Tiger
pierivb / Crowned lemur
RachelKramer / African Black Rhinos
EcoPic / Black Rhinoceros
Fuse / Leopard Fur
AlanJeffery / Amur Leopard Cub
Kyslynskyy / Leopard
Nick Dale / Baby gorilla held by mother chews branch
MHGALLERY / Mountain Gorilla – Rwanda
Erwin Friesenbichler / Mountain gorilla and silverback
BirdHunter591 / Colorful feathers, Blue and Gold Macaw feathers background texture
Bogdanhoda / Macaw parrot in the wild jungle
Atthapol Saita / Blue throated macaw close up

Jrgranadosm / Vaquita Marina

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Used with Permission


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29 thoughts on “The Most Endangered Animals Documentaries 2016 HD.”

  1. I can't believe it God made beautiful and cute animals and now they are getting endangered because of humans ….. I know I'm young barely over 12 but I'm deciding to be a veterinarian when I grow up

  2. Save animals 😻😻😻😻😻🐅😻🐅😻🐅😻🐅😻🐅😻🐅😻😍🐅😍😻🐅😻🐅😻

  3. WE are nature's CANCER. I pray daily that MILLIONS of people die on this planet so that we stop overpopulating this earth. No one seems to care that the next generations will have no food, water, space or animals…they want to live forever. HOW SELFISH. I couldn't care if ONE BILLION people die of cancer this year. People are statistics. Period. Couldn't care less. I hope millions of people die if it would save ONE endangered animal. They have MORE value to the planet than all of us.

  4. ["How little we know about our follow creatures…We are dependent on each other."] In the very near future the 'extinction' of animals will not be allowed to mar the Global Paradise – Psalm 37:11, 29.

  5. I have a comic book in the works that will hopefully shed light on endangered animals. I want to save some of these animals lives through the popularity of my book

  6. I want to be honest I think poachers who claim to hunt and kill for money because they are poor. Deserve to be poor and suffer

  7. why isnt there the javan rhino only 58 of them remained in the wild plus indonesia has a lot of endangered species such as sumateran rhino,anoa and more there are less than 200 of them


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