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From space, the Earth is a big blue planet covered 70 percent in water. However, a closer look reveals that only two and a half percent of that is fresh water, with only one percent being easily accessible to keep our 6.8 billion inhabitants alive and well.

On TechKnow, we explore the possible solutions to address water scarcity through science, and explore the effect these new initiatives could have in the larger agricultural areas around the world. We also explore technological advancements that are having a quantifiable impact on conserving fresh water through innovation.

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8 thoughts on “The science of water sustainability | TechKnow”

  1. I want those washing beads like now in America at my local grocery store. I am all about saving at water as much as they charge for water consumption in Michigan.

  2. Most interestingly, in modern times, we built our societies on the idea that water was abundant and unlimited…

  3. this is great but I hope these folks are also concentrating on some 3rd world countrys where they have no rainfall or only have access to very dirty water. I see many charities raising money to drill wells in those areas. Certainly not any gfog at all of evern close to the oceans.

  4. Great well rounded documentary as always and a bit off topic, but AJ you are making an impact in the West, I'm a white British national and from the work of Al Jazeera and others I'm more informed about the world and care more about everyone because of you – you are creating more love in the world by reconnecting people to it with matter of facts, thanks. It will be very sad for humanity if the Gulf nations against Qatar get their way, you are helping to change the world clearly.


  6. Why can't we build a reverse osmosis from the ever rising sea and melting snow cap runoffs? Yes we have climate issues but we have 5 oceans and seven seas… Hello, they are doing it in the UAE… Think people!

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