The Truth About Solar

The Truth About Solar

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For a long time, solar power has been very much hated from a cost-benefit standpoint but things are starting to turn around for the technology. Around the world, progress is being made to make solar power a viable alternative.

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19 thoughts on “The Truth About Solar”

  1. Hey there, The Cochin International Airport,Cochin,Kerala,India was the first airport to be fully powered by solar energy. It was unfortunate that it was left out from the video.
    Good Work anyway. keep it up.

  2. Nice thoughts. I find it very hard to afford, but that is not where the advantages lie-self sufficiency, freedom from the grid and no smart meters. Can't put a price on health.

  3. I love how this video doesn't go gun hoe climate change or anti solar but says what I always say. Let R&D happen and the free market take over.

  4. I was really hoping you would touch on the various costs of sourcing raw materials for solar panels. Are these materials mined ethically. Are these methods causing more harm to the environment. How much child labour and exploitation is involved in the extraction of raw materials. Still, thank you for all your research and excellent videos.

  5. How about thermal sources form inside of our globe, there are many places on Earth with hot water and this heat can be easily turned into electric energy. I suppose that the only issue is to transport this electricity to different parts of the world, am I right?

  6. Fun fact: A century ago some places got their electricity locally(from a single house up to a few blocks) from a private steam engine. Obviously few people were awake at night to need electricity, coal was expensive, and the engine operator needed sleep too, so it was lights out just a few hours after sunset. They didn't have the tech to regulate production according to consumption either.

    Take that into account next time you hear complaints about how solar does not work at night or is otherwise unreliable. The issue was solved exactly same way we can make solar power work 24/7 too: Just set up the proper infrastructure and enough power plants.

    Anyway, about the video… "The truth"? Sounds like there's supposed to be some big revelation.

    The truth is that every technology requires a period of prototyping, refinement and redesign before it is ready for mass production, and, once that is possible, selling it to buyers. And in case of solar power those have been retarded by conservatism and the government focus on oil and nuclear power as well as people being greedy and/or idiots.

    If we had put more time and money on solar research decades ago, we would be betting most of our energy from renewables now instead of in fifty years, simple as that. Stuff like those angled panel towers would have worked perfectly fine with panels we had in 20th century, and most of the materials needed aren't like graphene, which was only invented recently. First cars were too expensive for most consumers, but because Ford produced lots of them he could afford to lower the price.

    Scientists suggested powering cities with huge wind turbines in early 1900's and Popular Mechanics did a big article about it again in 1950's, but the materials were too heavy and the energy needs went up so the idea of one big windmill doing all the work was never feasible. But that does not mean wind can't work, no matter how much naysayers claim it does. Likewise, just because stuff like Solar Roadways isn't going to magically solve everything right now does not mean it can't be made to work. It's not same as a scammer claiming a tiny windmill is going to power your whole house and then installing it so badly it doesn't even work.

    Then there are issues that are falsely blamed on solar power, like needing a new electric grid to use solar power, or having to replace solar panel roof tiles in a few decades. NEWSFLASH! The US electric infrastructure is almost a century old and much of it needs to be replaced or improved unless you like blackouts. And a typical roof material has to be replaced every 20 to 30 years anyway unless you like leaks.

    Frankly, nothing new in this video. Technology advances, improvements are adopted, someone is trying to sell it all as their new and original idea. "Experts" either assume current trends continue(this is what gave us the "oil is cheap, let's build bigger cars"-thinking in the first place) or make guesses that are as reliable as any other guess made by experts.


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