20 thoughts on “Virtual Tour of Rhode Island’s Materials Recycling Facility”

  1. I work in a recycling factory, would anyone be interested in watching my videos if I did some? I work for R&S Recycling in beoley redditch.

  2. Nice video
    Im gonna go look for what happens to those giant cubes once a company gets them

  3. The end users – the processors – want the material totally sorted. They want pure product at the processing end, or they shall probably send a bill to the receiving and sorting facility for disposal of the mixed crap, and that is on top of rejecting it , re; payment for it. It has to be ready to go for immediate and automatic processing. So the initial sorting processes have to be very thorough.

  4. long hours but laid back atmosphere. anyone can get a job at a facility like this. fyi – if you're unemployed.

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