Waste Management and Recycling

Waste Management and Recycling

This clip shows how household trash are recycled and processed. More info can be found (at) www.wm.com

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A lot has changed at this yard since my last compilation a year ago.

Since then, the majority of the older trucks have been either scrapped or sent off to Whitmore Lake. Many newer Mack MRUs have been brought in from other yards, along with a handful of CNG Autocar FLs.

This also marks an unfortunate point in the yard, as Rizzo begins servicing Dearborn Heights on November 1st.

However, to compensate for the loss, Waste Management has closed the Whitmore Lake yard and has begun the process of moving all the trucks over. This will prevent any lay-offs from Dearborn Heights.

In this compilation, you’ll get to see a bit of the Residential Launch, along with a brief overview of most of the trucks in the fleet.

I’d like to extend my thanks to all the managers: Kevin, Jason, Steve, and Keith, for allowing me to film these videos as well as just being great guys. They have an excellent operation, and have shaped this yard to be the best in the region and one of the best in the nation.

Furthermore, I can’t go without giving credit to the drivers/loaders. Some of the coolest guys there are, and I hope to work alongside them after a few years.

Without further ado, please enjoy everything that I’ve put together!

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For those of you who are not familiar with my channel, I am interested in the refuse industry, and I travel to many cities in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan to photograph many different forms of refuse collection equipment.

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–Please DO NOT use my videos against the drivers/ crews. These videos are for entertainment purposes ONLY, and are NOT made to get the drivers in trouble. If there are issues surrounding the drivers/crews featured in my videos, that is something that should be addressed using the management’s resources, not mine.–

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36 thoughts on “Waste Management and Recycling”

    I wish to open up a trash recycle plant but sadly i don't anything about the process except for the hatred against such filth and health threats that come with it.Kindly recommend me small recycling plants/machines/appliances and where i can buy them from for test basis.

  2. Jesus christ man how much more wasteful and useless can humans be!!!!!!! Its like were born into this earth floating in space and do NOTHING but eating and take shits into the grown literally and then throw our already been used crap into the earth some more and that process just keeps on going for thousands of years & technology just makes us all even more lazy and useless, yea I don't see this race lasting that much longer

  3. They could recycle stuff thats in the pit if they really wanted to spend the money to do it. San Francisco says it's all green and stuff because their junk gets shipped out far away. It's never around to haunt them.

    Damn consumerism.

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  8. What they are doing is called the morning launch…every WM location in North America has to do it while 1 or several RM's supervise the Pre trip inspection. It was created to get the drivers out of the yard much quicker. My location has over 130 trucks & is one of  the biggest in NA

  9. Awesome video!! Great to see more launch footage, some of favorite things to watch. Quite bright out at 6:15 haha Neat to see how they do the Curotto testing! I'm curious how they do that out here, unfortunately, there's only a few yards that have Curottos still. That Carry Can was really neat to see. Loved seeing those Curottos pick up stuff with the arm. The semi-auto at 8:38 was great, and I love the extra tank on that. 15:23 was one of my favorite clips, the truck just looks real nice in that one. Idk why but it looks better than any of the other ACXs that they have in my opinion. At least from that angle lol Was disappointed to hear about Dearborn Heights. I know you're a huge Rizzo fan, but I hope that with the downfall of them and GFL taking over, this yard will be able to get more work. Great compilation!

  10. Great stuff, I'm jealous of how cool everyone is up there. Really enjoyed seeing the launch. Neat to see the CNG resi front, I had just figured they were all Curottos. Is that trailer park a 2 man front load route or was he training someone? Wow, they really filled up the hopper at 6:20! Nice catch on that dryer with the curotto! Can't believe how lax they are about double siding! Great sound on the Mack at 10:11! Nice shot at 16:11, knowing WM I figured they would order these set so that you could only dump with the break set. Anything noteworthy coming over from Whitmore Lake?


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