What Is Recycling For Children?

Recycling for Kids : How Can Kids Help. Recycling means taking materials from old discarded materials and making other new products from them.

Enjoy a wide range of fun recycling facts for kids. Learn more about the recycling process so you know what’s happening next time you leave out your old plastic bottles and aluminum cans to be picked up by curbside recyclers.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Recycling For Children?”

  1. Heres a great recycling site I found online! My teacher loves it. It gives all information and will help save the world from the population growth!

  2. Some misinformation here. Recycling cans is infact a good thing to do. Its good for the environment. We know this because people are willing to pay you for them. This is the test by which you can determing whether or not something is still valuable. Glass is just made out of sand and there is no scarcity of sand. Processing paper into new paper requires harsh industrial waste products and yeilds a lower quality product besides. Sure it means that you dont have to cut down trees, but the trees they use to make paper are almost always farmed. Those are trees that wouldnt even existed to begin with were it not for demand from the paper industry. As for the land fill "problem" holding all of America's garbage for the next one hundred years would require a space only 255 feet high or deep and 10 miles on a side. There is no scacity of landfill space and due to state-of-the-art landfills, with redundant clay, plastic liners, and leachate collection systems, they have little to no negative environmental impact. Idk if the truth would make such a compelling narrative for a childrens video however 😉


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