When Polar Bears Attack

Polar bear attacks on humans are rare, but horrifying. These large beasts are fierce creatures of the arctic, capable of swimming & hunting their prey with brute force. Here’s what happens when polar bears attack.

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4: Sebastian Plur Nilssen and Ludvig Fjeld
During a 100-day canoeing expedition in Svalbard, Norway, Nilssen and Fjeld were attacked by four polar bears. The two explorers slept during the day and paddled their canoes at night when the winds were weaker. While they were camping, a polar bear approached their tent and dragged Nilssen out. The beast bit into his shoulder and back piercing one of his lungs and barely missing a major artery in the neck. Nilssen told a local newspaper ‘I grabbed for my shotgun but it snapped it in half. It must have been only a minute that I was in his jaws but it felt like forever. It was a big bear and at one point it stood up on its back legs with me in its mouth. I was eight feet off the ground’ Had it not been for his friend’s quick intervention, Nilssen would have lost his life. Ludvig Fjeld described the attack for The Sunday Telegraph ‘The bear took Sebastian’s head in his jaws, and dragged him outside. He was yelling and crying, and the bear was shaking him. It was huge. I knew I only had seconds to react, so I grabbed the gun and shot him’ Fjeld was a trained rifleman and managed to put the bear down with a single shot. Prior to the attack, the two had implemented a trip wire
3: Mandy K.
A 32-year-old German woman, whose name was released only as Mandy K. faced certain death if not for the relentless efforts of keepers at the Berlin Zoo. This quickly went viral in the search for “ polar bear attacks woman in zoo ”. After she lost her job as a school teacher, Mandy became increasingly more depressed. She had separated from her husband four years prior to the incident and shared custody of their 7-year-old daughter. The man, identified only as Lars, told the press “It really affected her when she lost her job and she just couldn’t see any future.” She climbed the bars of the polar bear enclosure at feeding time and started swimming towards them. One of the four bears dove into the water and attacked her. The massive beast bit her on the arms, legs and back causing severe injuries despite the keepers’ attempt to distract it. Mandy was eventually dragged out of the water as keepers managed to push the bear away. The zoo staff had been instructed to prioritize human life. They stated ‘we do have guns and we would have been prepared to use them without hesitation if it was felt it was the only way to save the woman.’ Mandy was taken to a Berlin hospital in critical condition but later reports indicated that she was heading towards
2: Horatio Chapple
On August 5, 2011, Horatio Chapple was mauled to death by a polar bear in the northern part of Norway. The 17-year-old student had joined a party of 80 that aimed to explore the Svalbard archipelago. The trip wire system surrounding the camp failed to detect the presence of a 550 pound polar bear, until it was too late. As Chapple was getting out of his tent, the beast slammed him to the ground with its paws and mauled his head, face and neck. According to the coroner the neck injury was the one that caused Chapple’s death. Four other students were severely wounded in the attack, including Patrick Flanders, who was sixteen at the time. Flanders had to undergo surgery in order to remove one of the polar bear’s teeth from his skull. Michael Reid, one of the expedition’s adult team leaders, heard the cries for help that had started to fill the camp and grabbed a rifle which he aimed at the bear’s chest. The rifle didn’t fire and the animal turned its attention
1: The incident at Cape Schimdt
The details of “ polar bear attacks woman in russia ” have been interpreted in different ways but the footage that has circled the Internet for the past several years offers a version that many have come to accept as true. The background story involves an encounter between a woman and a polar bear taking place at a shipping facility located in Cape Schimdt, Chukotka, Russia’s most eastern point. When the woman stumbled upon the beast in a narrow alleyway, she tried to feed it some chicken bones, hoping to prevent a possible attack. Her worse fears were confirmed when the bear fixated its attention on her, instead and started moving in. A man who had witnessed the events attempted to distract
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