Which Tankless Water Heater is Right for My House?

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27 thoughts on “Which Tankless Water Heater is Right for My House?”

  1. Hey thank you sparky it's all frozen up just the hot water side right now it's -20 any thing I can do to keep it from freezing up how about heat tape? The cold side I have heat hose on I it and it doesn't freeze up any ideas on how to get it to un freeze

  2. I've got a Atwood tankless water heater in my 2016 Jayco eagle 5 wheel and I live in Montana, very cold up here how can I keep this from freezing up on me I live in the 5 wheel

  3. Which would be the best for an all electric house .We have no gas in my area only propane and to rent a tank and pay for propane may not be worth the change

  4. Hi Sparky, I like your videos. All good instructions. I have a question for you. We plan to buy Rinnai RU80IN from Amazon, What valve kits should I buy to go with this unit? Thank you

  5. Hello again, Sparky, and thank you for your videos….I currently have a 38 gal electric tank water heater that is just a bit undersized for my house hold of 4. I was wondering what your thoughts were on me adding a point-of-use electric tankless water heater just before my 38 gal tank…My way of thinking has me hooking this up so that any water that enters the tank will already be hot, therefor making the tank heater more efficient and giving us all of the hot water we could ever need….of course my way of thinking is sometimes subject to scrutiny from those who may have more experience or better ideas…Any thoughts on this?  Rick

  6. Does the kit that you place in the input and out of the tankless water heater only works for gas? Or does it also works for electric ones? Thanks

  7. Battery power seems to be "under rated" by off girders…

    there is so much out there that is battery powered, but battery powered lighting is most important.

    rechargeable batteries and a small solar recharging unit…

  8. So you truly can take as long a shower as you wish (assuming endless water and propane)?
    I've been surviving with a (TINY) 4 gallon RV water tank for 9 months and am about ready to trade my first born for a real shower! lol

  9. you should run a y joint hose out from your water heater with two shut off valves or three or four shower,sink,kitchen just saying!

  10. But the real question is, how much LP does it use in a 10 minute shower? Also, you will still need electricity from somewhere to power the water pump.

  11. Cant say i agree with installing that heater inside, carbon monoxide is no joke, i know you have a fan, but that could stop working or become plugged up, carbon monoxide also sinks so the fan might not even pick it up, propane could leak so also having a bbq tank inside is a big safety no no they should NEVER be inside, but if nothing else get a carbon monoxide/lp gas detector they do say not to be used indoors for a reason

  12. I am looking at propane for heating water like you are doing, but I'm confused in that you have your tank inside and everything I have read is that having them inside is dangerous. What is your advice/opinion?

  13. for those of you in a wooded area that don't want to invest in propane there are several videos, especially one who has the name engineer in his username, showing how you can use the wood on your property for heating hot water in the winter time while you are heating your house! on the wood stove of course there are also simple outdoor methods for the summer time for heating hot water

  14. thank you starrry.
    You know I happen to have a rather Exquisite plumber for a husband and he is insistent upon giving us quite a nice setup! However I really like the idea of this battery operated tankless water heater! The reason being that a regular converted water heater will use your propane constantly to keep that water hot! This option is really going to save on resources that we have to purchase! Of course there's always wood but while propane is cheap, why not?

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