13 thoughts on “Who needs batteries when you’ve got a hydrogen fuel cell”

  1. Wow has anybody heard of noble gas generator this actually help me to develop a generator with a universe inside to co exist with dark matter using magnetic field to hold because us and ALL creation is made up of all form of gas and producing energy so this battery took us close to what a infinite generator looks liks wow and and that everything is moving foward like a god fart matter cannot be destroyed or created because it transforms because its all atom vibrating of 1 consioueness and forming life like a hand stretch all living things wow energy

  2. Turning hydrogen and oxygen into water,,,huh,,this dude doesn't know shit..nothing wrong with the generator,,just his guy is a rep not a HHO guy,,

  3. Understood it can use oxygen from atmospheric air. How about hydrogen? It should be produced in large-scale right? In factories? So it gonna cost bomb. And what is the source of hydrogen? Is it never ending, unlike fossil fuel?

  4. Let see… how much energy is required to produce the hydrogen for the fuel cell to convert it back to electricity?

    yeah… Fuel cell is super convenience and super efficient…

  5. Yes hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, but you do
    not have it on Earth in the form you need it, you only have it as part
    of other molecules. So you have to make it (from water, natural gas
    …), and it takes much more energy (3 times more) to make it, than you
    get from it.
    This makes hydrogen energy storage (very poor one) and NOT energy source.

    For larger energy usages, like cars, hydrogen does not make sense.
    First, they are promoting hydrogen as alternative to fossil fuels, and 95% of
    hydrogen coming from FOSSIL fuels (natural gas)! Mostly from
    FRACKING. So hydrogen does not solve environment issues (unless
    think fracking is good for environment), and nobody will produce
    hydrogen on large scale with electrolysis while cheaper alternative is

    As for getting hydrogen from water, for hydrogen you
    have to put in 100kWh of energy to get 23kWh to move the car. In EV, for
    100kWh, you get 70kWh to move the car. So hydrogen station creating
    hydrogen on site will use so much electricity that it could charge 3-4
    times more electric vehicles. For example, electricity used to fill up
    1000 fuel cell vehicles for 300 miles, could fill up 3000 electric
    vehicles for the same mileage each.

    Price: 50$ for 300 miles? That is more expensive than a petrol car, and
    this is with 'cheap' hydrogen that is coming from fossil fuels, it can
    only get more expensive.
    Who loves hydrogen? Big oil companies, because they produce it from
    fuels, and fuel cell cars would let them keep their monopoly.

    You can say, we will put solar panels, wind turbine or any other
    and make hydrogen that way for 'free', but that also does not make
    sense, because with the same solar panels or wind turbines you can
    support 3-4 times more electric than hydrogen vehicles.

  6. he doesn't  have a lot of answers now does he. more beating around the bush more than anything else,

  7. picture of wrapping a 100 pound lift fishing magnet, with large redcopper wire, and it does not power a light bulb, yet got kind of warm at frst

  8. Idiot does't take in to account the size of the reactive vessels compared to traditional battery that is all self contained. Its a bull shit argument on the part of the salesman then again he's a salesman!

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