Worst Effects of Pollution

We are ruining earth with all the garbage we keep piling up. It’s so bad people wear gas masks in the streets and fear bad side effects

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# 7 Massive Fish Death
Vietnam faces an epidemic of mass amounts of fish dying on their shores. The sight looks straight out of an apocalyptic horror movie. Dead fish float en masse right next to the beach and fishing docks. The cause of the problem is not completely clear but current signs point to toxins in the water from human runoff. It is likely the cause of sewage leaks and other pollutants from the industrial centers of cities.

# 6 Bangalore Drowning in Garbage
Much of India is dealing with a garbage problem. The city’s booming population and inefficient sanitation system has lead to a scary amount of trash piling up in Indian cities. In many of them, they line the streets in giant piles. Bangalore, once called the Garden City of India, now has an unsanctioned Garbage Sector that functions as a giant dump and landfill for the city’s trash. The piles of trash that mar the beautiful city are not only an eyesore but a health problem. The garbage attracts rodents and mosquitoes which make their homes in the trash, and spread diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

# 5 Mae West
This turtle is one victim of many who has suffered from the effects of ocean pollution. Plastic is meant to last forever, so when this turtle got caught inside of one in its infancy, it was forced to grow around it. The ring has severely deformed the turtle, making it unable to last in the wild. It was locally saved by conservationists and given the cheeky nickname of Mae West because of its hourglass figure. Although Mae has gotten her own happy ending, she is a representative of other wildlife who are affected by the trillion pieces of plastic particles floating in the ocean. For many animals, being trapped or ingesting a piece of plastic means death.

# 4 E-Wastelands of Agbogbloshie
The world produces a staggering amount of waste that comes from old appliances and electronics. For many countries it is cheaper to haul old computers, washing machines, and TVs away on a ship than take them apart and properly recycle them. Most of this “E-Waste” makes its way to West Africa, in nations like Ghana. They’re dropped off in giant landfills that become cyber waste lands full of defunct electronics. These electronics are toxic, usually leaking lead and mercury. Some are even explosive. The toxic chemicals of this landfill not only poison the soil and the air but the people in the area. The youth of Ghana will scavenge through this highly toxic material to look for scraps they can sell, causing them adverse health effects.

# 3 Birds in Oil Spill
Oil spills are extremely detrimental to the environment. After the infamous BP oil spill, countless number of marine wildlife were affected. This bird is almost completely covered in crude oil, which might have spelled its doom. Although it’s possible for conservationists to clean birds who are caught in oil spills, it’s often too late. The oil can ruin a bird’s delicate balance of feathers that prevents it from freezing to death in waters or overheating in the sun. Even by the time they have the oil cleaned off their feathers, they often have already ingest enough oil that will kill them in days. The oil spills are so bad some scientists even say humanely killing them is a better alternative than cleaning and re-releasing them into the wild.

# 2 90% of Chinese Soil is Toxic
China is one of the biggest countries in the world and has an agriculture industry that is growing every day. So you would think it would be able to grow food sustainably for its own population. Well not exactly. Despite efforts to grow its agriculture industry, China can’t grow enough food because of their history of high industry with no pollution regulations. The soil is too contaminated to grow food that’s safe to eat. Many farms are also developed right next to things like chemical plants because the Chinese government wants to maximize its land productivity. Farms being in the backyards of factories and a history of pollution has caused nearly 8 million acres of Chinese soil to be unusable. That’s about the size of Belgium!

# 1 The Marshall Islands are Disappearing
The Marshall Islands are about 1,000 mile long islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Most of the islands are barely above sea level. The effects of air pollutants and global warming are very evident here. Rising sea temperatures and icebergs melting have raised ocean levels, which threatens every Marshallese. Because of rising sea levels their islands face flooding almost every month, and they’re slowly losing parts of their islands. Pollution is making this nation disappear off the map completely.

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  1. Bloody Chinese will be the death of us all, I say, nuke them! It wouldn't destroy their environment, they've already done that, but we would ensure nature would have a chance to come back, and cats and dogs would be safe!

  2. Giganotosaurus – the biggest carnivore dinosaur that ever walked the Earth.
    Megatherium – the biggest mammal that ever walked the Earth.
    Homo sapiens – the worst disgrace and error of nature that ever walked the Earth.

  3. we are the ones who are going to destroy this planet and it's going to be our faults for the end of the world as we know it so thank you Humanity you suck f**** balls


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