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  1. (at)mothball667: why do you believe in websites that are funded by Exxon oil company? Good scientist. Convenient-lie[dot]com, you find that a website you can thrust? Read REAL science papers. There wasn't a single scientist in the world leading science papers that rejected the idea om manmade global warming. You'll find such theory's in glossy's.

  2. Yep, and everybody knew, even the intellectuals knew that the earth was flat. Why were we even debating the fact that the earth was flat. Anyone claiming that the earth was round has a fucking agenda. And what about all of the peer-reviewed scientists who disagree with the man-made global warming analogy? What about all of the peer-reviewed scientists and climatologists who say that the Earth warms and cools, and this warming period is not worse than others, debunking the man-made argument?

  3. That is why 8000 scientist proved that the global warming (and cooling) THEORIES are not FACTS but are fairy tales. Do not be stupid do the research and makes sure they are facts not SPECULATIONS or THEORIES because that is not SCIENCE."Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."
John Adams (1735-1826), second President of the United States

  4. It is funny that people actually believe this lie that Global warming is actually reality. But of course it is scientifically NOT. These pseudo unscientific fairy tellers who actually made this up in 1971 with the first agenda of "Global cooling" with their Newsweek article are the same persons who created this so called energy crises that we have today because many willfully ignorant people stayed asleep and let these un-scientist's stake the claims without facts.

  5. According to this guy, global warming doesn't matter. So minivan driving soccer moms,Hummer and Escalade driving nouveu riche alike keep buying expensive oil to fuel your gas guzzling lives. The earth is gonna naturally burn up for the rest of our and our children's children lives. Is there hope for humanity?

  6. Are we seriously still debating this? Anyone still claiming that there's a so-called scientific debate over this issue has a fucking agenda. And anyone who gets their information from an ex-lawyer/CPA working for a conservative think tank rather than peer-reviewed scientists is at best wilfully ignorant and at worst amoral. Wake the fuck up people.

  7. Another final thing is there really isn't any big support of the "global warming conspiroucy " it's just small think tanks and ordinary people who won't admit there wrong. In truth I am just a blogger don't take my word for it word, check it out take a few minutes out of your day to research if this has any steam.

  8. Also using lots of electricity drains our nations money and does economic harm. Now I've researched this before making my statements.Also these people at the Heritage foundation(Who i agree with on some subjects)Are just spoon feeding the public what they want to hear.

  9. The destabilization is in that it all rains in spring and is a drought during super. Blizzards blow through farm lands. Trees dry up in picking season.

  10. Another point of interest that proves this foundation won. The warming part of globing warming and rise of sea levels isn't really what hurts us. It's the complete destabilization of the climate. Most people will comment that the climate is never stable. WELL this kind of destabilization is different. By being stable now I mean it's cold all through winter, raining through spring, windy in fall and hot but not boiling in summer.

  11. Some people say that the scientists are just lying to get grants for researching that global warming is real for grant money,but not only could they get the same money for saying it is a fake, they would get much more money. Through this they continue to say global warming is going to hurt us. Another truth is movie makers and organizations make more money telling people what they want to hear, rather then saying the end is near

  12. Yeah the two most prestigous scientific groups(NAC,AAAS)say that global warming is real. Same with Shell gas and Exxon,as well as USCAP have admitted to global warming to be real

  13. Truth is British Petroleum had cut annual carbon dioxide emissions at its plants by 10 million tonnes, saving 650 million dollars, the report points out.

    Check it before you go announcing that saving the climate is all harm

  14. Yeah also Exxon has stopped funding these types of fake global warming,they are actually saying global climate change is real. Same with USCAP(group of companies like shell and Exxon)admit this is a problem and are calling for drawbacks on themselfs.

  15. puretroubleman,
    Sounds like your saying we should wait until a few towns are nearly flooded before we should take action.

    One of the main purposes of Global Warming acts are to actually prevent damages before they happen rather than try and solve it when the damage has already been caused.

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