10 Strangest Discoveries Found on Earth

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Naked Science - Birth of the Earth

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How did the Earth evolve to support life.

Our planet now supports a huge diversity of living creatures requiring very special conditions, but what was the series of events that brought this unique set of conditions together? What did it take to make a world that would support human life? Naked Science takes an imaginary ‘human’ time traveller on a journey back to the moment of formation of our solar system. We meet the scientists who are carrying out their own detective work, uncovering the clues around the world today into what our planet was like 4 and a half billion years ago.

Our journey begins with the astonishing story of how a giant cloud of interstellar dust and gas collapsed to form the sun and planets. We discover that the intense heat of the early Earth created a molten iron core. This generated a magnetic shield around our planet that protects us, to this day, from the sun’s deadliest particles.

Many of the features we take for granted on our living planet were forged in the most violent event in our planet’s history. Early in its life, the Earth collided with another planet. Planetary Scientist Robin Canup has modelled the impact using supercomputers. She reveals that the resulting fireball was so energetic it melted the Earth and created the moon. This dramatic impact gave us our tides and seasons.

We wouldn’t have life today without water. But where our water came from is a mystery that has long puzzled scientists. At a NASA research laboratory, Michael Zolensky studies a recently discovered meteorite that supports the view that water came from space.

For the first half of its history the Earth had an atmosphere of methane and carbon dioxide we would find impossible to breathe. One clue as to how the earth acquired its oxygen can be found in Australia. Shark Bay in Western Australia is home to strange bacterial mounds called stromatolites. The bacteria in these objects are pumping out oxygen. A few hundred miles away geologist Martin Van Kranendonk shows us a fossil stromatolite, the world’s oldest fossil. The evidence suggests that these strange objects are responsible for creating the air we breathe.

33 thoughts on “10 Strangest Discoveries Found on Earth”

  1. Very interesting documentary, but it didn't showcase the time period scientists call Snowball Earth, a period they believe to be the coldest ice age in prehistory.

  2. I love Naked Science. But what all you're discovering now, is written in Holy Quran, 1400 years back! Not asking you to embrace Islam, but Do give it a read for the sake of science!!!!

  3. You have done a lot of research, but sounds like lots of speculation and your beginning made me to wander; "Unlike any other planet we know because it supports life" And "the only planet were humans can survive". Other planets don't support life and no similar planets to survive?

  4. And Allah has caused you to grow from the earth a [progressive] growth.Then He will return you into it and extract you [another] extraction.And Allah has made for you the earth an expanse.That you may follow therein roads of passage.' "

  5. I got very hard question to ask to all of you guys how are the first two humans are made iam saying First two humans i know that is reproductive but After the earth is full of life how are the first ever two humans formed Can you guys Answer this?!?!?!?!?


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