A Solid Future for Electric Cars – The battery tech that will power us in tomorrow’s electric cars

Electric cars powered by solid-state batteries could be on the road by 2020—but existing batteries are improving all the time.

In this video I look at the current state of electric vehicles, review the energy storage technologies and the types of battery that power them. We then look forward to see what advances in solid state chemistry and solid state battery technology and will bring in the years to come.


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Four vastly different yet equally driven auto industry visionaries rush to develop and market the first commercially successful electric car in this follow-up to the provocative documentary WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?
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19 thoughts on “A Solid Future for Electric Cars – The battery tech that will power us in tomorrow’s electric cars”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to watch and I'd be interested to know what will happen with Electric Cars – will Tesla remain the premiere brand? Will Hybrids take most of the market and what sort of technology will power them?

  2. C pas grave si Français pas assez bon une traduction même en sous titres serait un minimum car difficile très difficile de pouvoir écouter le son en Anglais et de ne presque rien comprendre ni au moins lire la traduction alors espérons que bientôt cela pourra être possible ? Merci bcp – Claude –

  3. Just as people did not believe these technologies, digital cameras replacing film(sorry Kodak, Fuji, 3M), cell phones taking over land lines(sorry AT&T, whats a landline?), high quality digital cameras in a phone! (Sorry , kodak, sony, nikon, canon, pentax, ricoh), personal computers in every home, school, car, phone, ipad, cloud(sorry IBM), internet, wifi, cloud(sorry libraries, newspapers, television, any type of news or information outlet), would not become commonplace, disrupting their predecessors. electric transportation is taking over the roads, water and skies. We are in the middle of a new disruption, paradigm shift. It is irreversible, and taking place faster than anyone anticipated. Immensely exciting to watch these life changing alterations unfold.

  4. The world is full of talentless toe cutters
    WOW The Tesla semi-trailer AND what about 0-60mph in 1.9seconds
    Elon Musk deserves a massive security army, we so need him safe from all the scumbag losers

  5. Today's ICE cars have ~300 miles per tank. Tesla cars have similar range already. What we need now is faster charging stations everywhere to make long distance travel possible via EV.

  6. Working on new engine that will be par to Tesla in efficiency. Can run on Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Ethanol, Alcohol, Methanol, propane, gasoline, Diesel, bio diesel, solar thermal, and…battery (DC or AC no controller or electric motor needed).

    So when that battery gets low in weight and low in cost, you can still use my engine to drive your car and get twice the economy. How? Active drag reduction via working the air. We move through air, not electricity. Thermal loads can be 50% of the loads, especially in winter and summer. They are "free" with the cycles. The power density is better than electric motors and it is totally redundant. No oil changes, and the engine harvests water from the air…so you don't have to get that $1 bottle of water to drink, your car makes it for you. Want soda pop (co2 in distilled water) just add flavoring, when you use carbon fuels of course.

    This engine can get 80–95% of the fuel gone very quickly whereas electric cars actually increase total energy needs in the cycle. This car could be around for 60 years and help Africa get out of poverty. Electric car? nope.

    :Last but not least It can enable a roadable seaplane that can get 1 cent/mile at 100 mph door to door. The road tax should be 4 cents/mile….fly and fuel is like it were free since you don't have to pay the road tax. Fly 200 mph at 4 cent/mile…equal to the road tax Tesla will have to pay just to use the road.

    The future is in the air, not on the ground. Batteries are not even close to ready. Maybe in 50 years. There is a better way….no smog, no water shortages, no dependence on grid…go anywhere. Not possible with electricity. We are carbon thermal beings and this engine is designed for humans, not robots.

    Remember, the grid is the NEW OPEC. Buyer beware.

    They subsidized Natural Gas cars at 65 c/gal, now the fuel is $1/8/gal. Same will happen to electrics. Electricity is $5/gallon at 15 c/kwh. Battery is $4/gal to use it now, and may drop to 1/2 that in 10 years. The grid electricity will have to go up when solar knocks out coal plants that cannot operate during the day…there will be no "base load" as it will go to zero during the day. Eventually grid power, like land lines, will get more and more expensive to maintain. Just look into the end game.

    My engine can make solar at 3 c/kwhr and it has the engine included that can generate at 6 c/kwhr with NG. Why would I use the grid at 15-30 c/kwhr? Just make hydrogen at 50% loss in the process from solar and I am 1/2 the cost of grid (3 to 6 due to losses in electrolysis).

    My engine then uses Hydrogen and the tanks are included. Range 200-400 mile on hydrogen from house, 4.25 times that on NG from house at $1/gal, and 3.3 times more again on Gasoline at $2.2/gal….4.25x 3.33 =14 (due to energy density of hydrogen to gasoline). 14 x 200 = 2800 miles on Gasoline….5600 miles city. No oil change.

    Why hassle with all the electric stuff, just fill up on gasoline and drive 5600 miles. You get free distilled water and soda pop if you want. Get the point. Time is money…Electricity is costly in energy and time.

  7. How about the next Tesla Roadster. Total smack down on the fastest gas car. 0-60 mph: 1.9 sec 250+mph top speed and a 620 mile range. Very expensive and very cool. It will be available in 2020. The other car companies will have to try and catch up because Elon has been at it 9+ years now with ev's. Model's S3X and Y is next. Two killer big rigs. I keep up with Tesla and have not heard of them having any exploding battery issues. 🙂 As you know the same man is behind Li-on and SSB.John Goodenough so the solid state battery should be great or goodenough. 🙂 I think that all the major vehicle mfgs. will catch up eventually and may overtake Tesla in sales because they have more resources than Tesla.

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