NASA Earth Science: A Vision for the Future

The vantage point of space provides an ideal platform from which to study the Earth, it’s natural processes, and the impact of human activity. In recent decades, NASA Earth science research has provided a vastly improved understanding of our home planet. The next few decades will bring technological advances that will revolutionize our ability to … Read more

The Future of Renewable Energy

As the world is becoming more conscious of the effects of climate change, our sources of energy are coming under scrutiny. Governments are struggling to become less dependent on fossil fuels which traditionally fuel our economic growth. What will be the future sources of energy? In this session, we explore how would we be able … Read more

Wind Energy – Sandy Butterfield on its Evolution & Future

Wind technology has evolved to be cheap, reliable, predictable, and grid-friendly. By 2015 the industry has grown into a 0 billion dollar industry worldwide and rising, employing 88,000 in the US alone. Sandy Butterfield, President of Boulder Wind Consulting, shares an overview of the wind industry, its technological evolution and where he sees the industry … Read more