Animal Rescue with the Ohio Wildlife Center

Animal Rescue with the Ohio Wildlife Center

In celebration of National Wildlife Week, Coyote is going behind the scenes at one of Ohio’s premiere wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers to get hands on and learn about their three part process.

From veterinary services and rehabilitation to release or preservation in their educational facility, the Ohio Wildlife Center is renowned for its incredible work in helping local Ohio animals thrive and educating the public about these incredible creatures. From raccoons and hawks, to coyotes, opossums, turtles and one adorable baby squirrel…this episode will bring you up close with them all and introduce you to the true heroes of Ohio’s native species!

*A special thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers of the Ohio Wildlife Center for making this episode possible.

Please consider donating to their efforts by visiting their website

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Orphan season is here!

Our first tiny fox cubs of 2017 were taken into a local veterinary surgery after they were found abandoned in a garden. When Simon set off to collect the first new arrival, he had no idea that a second would follow just hours later!

Sadly, despite attempts, it proved not possible to reunite these cubs with their mother, so they will grow up safe at WAF before they are released back into the wild later this year.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress!

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40 thoughts on “Animal Rescue with the Ohio Wildlife Center”

  1. you know i gonna be honest, i used to love animals as a kid, and i was absolutely obsessed with steve irwin, and after he died i slowly lost my love for all things of the animal kingdom. after i found coyote and the brave wilderness team, my love for animals has made a full frontal Resurrection and i love it, animals are great, all these animals are great, i love nature

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  3. Just a few minutes ago, I went outside and rescued a little green anole lizard. It rained last night, and the little guy became trapped in a bucket that had filled up with rain water. I scooped him up, and instead of jumping off my hand, he curled up in my palm to get warm. I let him ride along until he turned from ash grey to emerald green. Then I took him over to a tree to let him go back home. He hesitated for a minute, then skittered up the tree trunk. He paused a moment, and looked back at me as if to say "thanks". Pretty cool way to start the day.
    I hope he avoids predators and lives a good long life.

  4. I just looked and there are 2,222 comments, well 2,223 now oops!
    Rest in piece DR. Donald L. Burton He may have died a while ago but I hope he lived a good life. I am almost sure he went to heaven. They really did like saying artificial nipple didn't they…
    Read more

  5. Hey! You came to Ohio! Very cool! I only live an hour or so from this place. ^_^ That poor little raccoon… I am glad they are rehabilitating it, but I imagine it was probably injured by someone trying to catch it because it was on their property, or even in their house (we once had a raccoon living in our attic, lol).

  6. We were in the backyard and we found a baby bluebird so we saved it before or dogs ate it and we kept it for 3 hours and we let it go.

  7. God bless you people for rescuing animals and let them have a happy life again. Even if it's hard, you still rescue the animals.

  8. Once Simon gets on a late night TV show, his subscribers will go through the roof.. Saw it happen to another youtuber. Hope Wildlife Aid gets the look it deserves.

  9. I LOVE FOXES MORE THAN ANYTHNG ELSE. I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR WHAT YOU DO SO MUCH. I AM A JAPANESE AND I DONATE AND I WANT YOU TO HELP MORE BABY KITSUNE DESU!!!!!!!! FOXU! CUBS MROWWWWW!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 anytime i see a baby fox i start crying, i love them so much!!!!!!! you guys are the bestest!!!!!!!

  10. Foxes are my favourite animal and I would love one for a pet but that dream will never come true because in Australia where I live foxes are classed as pests so keeping one would be illegal 🙁

  11. Are cubs often mistaken for abandoned in and removed to be rescued when, mom would have come back and collected them if they had been left alone? I know here (half a world away) often good meaning people see cubs out of the den and immediately assume they were abandoned or lost and scoop them up – making it hard or impossible to get them back with their mom where if they had just been left alone by evening mom would have collected them. I know we try hard to get people to observe and watch and not 'rescue' but report and let a trained person make a decision if the cub should be 'rescued'

  12. One of the cutest babies in the world! But isn't the proper word for fox babies "kits"? Or maybe it's interchangeable with "cubs". I had thought only wolves, big cats and bears had cubs. Where I live we have coyotes and I think their babies are called pups. There are occasionally mishaps with them too as it's an urban area. A litter of pups once got accidentally sealed under a new mobile building at a school. The mom was frantic, circling around the building trying to get to them while they were whining and crying inside. Nobody from the city seemed to be able to do anything so some good samaritans finally broke open a hole so the mom could go in and get the pups. They stayed to watch to make sure she moved all the pups to a safer place.

  13. Ooooh, fox cub season is officially on! I'm a little bit happy because of all the adorable videos, but also sad because these poor cubs have to grow up without a real mother. Thank goodness they have the next best thing. You are all wonderful people and give me hope when I'm feeling cynical about the world.

  14. I want to talk to the one person who disliked this video and question him why would you do that these people are helping animals and not getting payed which is amazing


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