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The Walking Wounded

Can’t find safe eclipse glasses? Make your own eclipse projector instead.

Host/Narrator: Sophie Bushwick
Producer/Video by: Jason Lederman


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37 thoughts on “Bayside – Popular Science”

  1. Love this song and it makes me so happy to see how many years ago this was published all the way to a few bayside cult members still listening in 2014 :).

  2. Shudder was actually my favorite album haha. Their first album was the first one I listened to, and don't get me wrong, it's AMAZING.

  3. usually people say this and I can sometimes tell.. and I am an audio engineer.. this one is NIGHT AND DAY!!!

  4. The answer to that question is very easy. BAYSIDE IS AMAZING AND ANTHONY RANERI HAS A GIFT. Seriously though, I hate to sound like such a groupie but, Bayside is one of the best bands of all time…no matter the genre or sound. Simply put, "Bayside is a Cult" and a goddamned good one!

  5. Obviously you are an idiot on so many,many levels…you no doubt, are not a musician by any means. Bands evolve, (grow) and over time change and tweak their writing and style. You sound ignorant…that would be like saying "jackblacksutube is a butt-loving homo because he doesnt dress or style his hair the same way he did when he was 5 years old". Fuckin' sounds ridiculous huh?

  6. Bayside is my first example of good pop sound whenever I need to explain the difference between good, heartfelt pop music and bad pop music. I'm not a fan of the new material, but that's not my business. Whatever makes them happy they should do.

  7. Reading some of these comments are quite hilarious. Bands are allowed to evolve and change their sound as they mature. If they all sounded the same, they might sound like that crap you listen to on the radio. However, people are entitled to their own opinion, even if its ignorant.

  8. Then I will try and try again,
    And hope that someone understands.

    I hate this shit but…..37 People Understand Anthony.

  9. Looks like I wont be able to see the solar eclipse I dont have the glasses or a good camera with the glasses to protect it Id rather ruin a camera for this than my eyes

  10. Do not look at it unless u have the googles or the special glasses !!!!! It will burn your eyes out in u just look at it

  11. You forgot to add the option of waiting till Monday evening or Tuesday when there will be numerous videos posted by Youtubers wanting to show what they saw.

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