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Heroes of Popular Science – Tiger In The Hall

Download here: ‘Tiger In The Hall’ by Heroes of Popular Science. Filmed by Daniel Millest. Edited by John Chambers. For more music please visit: twitter: #heroesofpopsci To find out more about Dan Millest please visit: Video Rating: / 5

The Science of ‘Yanny or Laurel’

Do you hear Yanny or Laurel in this clip? The audio took social media by storm and divided friends and coworkers (including the Popular Science office) We asked sound experts to analyze the clip to get a definitive, scientific answer. — Producer/Video by: Jason Lederman Research: Sara Chodosh Media: twitter: #CloeCouture/status/996218489831473152 — FOLLOW POPULAR SCIENCE

Popular Science on facebook | Shift

26-year-old Hashem Al-Ghaili, a Yemeni biologist living in Germany, makes the case for science with his infotainment videos. He’s already collected a good six million fans on Facebook. Presented at Balticon 2015 by Thomas R. Holtz Jr. PhD. People don’t always appreciate the impact that popular science fiction (particular TV shows and movies) has on public consciousness. A great

Homeliss Derilex – Popular Science

where was this? Video Rating: / 5 Nothing feels right, buy my fake smiles paint pictures like everything’s fine. Sheep like what they’re told, so they’ve got spindles spinning bad songs into gold. And who decides what’s wrong or right to like? When the puzzle pieces twist and seem like they won’t fit their match,