7 thoughts on “Climate change – Causes and consequences”

  1. Wonderful simple, honest, and helpful message, but it may be wrong. This is what I argue in Pluvinergy, I hope I am wrong, but I think not. However, Benign Atmospheric Energy is the answer; wind technology is just a small subsector of the potential. The second law of thermodynamics tells us why it is so expensive, simple economics demonstrates why fossil fuels must subsidize wind. The second law does not say we can not concentrate dispersed energy, only that the amount concentrated must be less than the amount dispersed. I simply show how nature naturally concentrates energy, and how we can copy its processes. It is a little complex, but you will find soon, it is the best answer; the only answer I argue. We will soon prove it; look for my name a few years down the road.

  2. The European has & already is taking action to take action against man made climate change by man's burning of fossil fuels, while the US pretends like it's fine to burn fossil fuels & it's all God's fault that the planet is warming. Western, Central & Northern Europe are already getting most of their energy needs from renewable energy & are investing heavily in renewable while the United States, Russia & China are still addicted to 19th century fossil fuels. This is largely due to the fact that the EU, it's member states, & it's neighboring non member states like Switzerland, Norway & Iceland ban &/or heavily strict private money in politics & prohibit private money donations to politicians, political candidates, political parties & political campaigns & the fact that Europeans are better educated & more informed about this issue than most Americans are. The European Union & it's member states are pretty much ahead of everyone else in the world when it comes to implementing green policies & renewable technologies. Yet another reason why I want to move to the European Union from my home country, the United States so badly!!

  3. don't tell them about the 1/3 food been thrown away because of no one pays for it while letting the hungry starve. or having a planet where population has doubled and there are no fucking jobs so everyone gets poor and few fat rich pigs at the top?


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