CNN Explains: Deforestation

CNN Explains: Deforestation

CNN Special Correspondent Philippe Cousteau explains why deforestation occurs and its negative effect on the environment.

What is Deforestation?

We are students from Malayan Colleges Laguna and this video is for our general biology (BIO011) course.

Levi Miscala (Me), Avegail Tolentino, Aaron Banaticla and Danyel Santos

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Janoah Ami Soriano, Levi Miscala and Aaron Banaticla.

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  1. "deforestation effects the world in 2 main ways" The writer of this bit comes across as profoundly unqualified to talk about this issue. There is not even a mention of the forests role in regulating weather, soil creation, nutrient cycling, water purification, rain creation and cloud seeding, to name just a few other 'main' issues. Also, it mentions just a few hot spots of contemporary deforestation, which is really misleading. The US and other western countries did most of the deforestation generations ago, many of the farms that cover the landscape used to be covered in trees. England used to be covered in forest once upon a time. So emerging economies are cashing in on their forests like the west did all those years ago. It's kind of offensive to say it's a problem only found in those nations without the context of global historical deforestation. Since humans began the project of property/money based civilisation we have cut down over half of all forest that once covered the globe. It's on a scale which could be considered geoengineering, or terraforming, because we are changing the very composition of the atmosphere and consuming the vegetation over the entire surface of the planet. It's certainly the kind of big picture issue that our culture is not accustomed to talking or thinking about.

  2. Deforestion is good for any host country. It open up land for the poor. It provide land for agriculture. No one wants to be poor and starve. If the rich countries of the world want forest with all the wild life that comes with it…they can always band together… leash the forest land at a price from the host country. Its only fair so the host country can feed their poor with this money. If this is however too expensive for the rich then I say please shut the fuck up.

  3. U know, people r all like "deforestation sucks ermagerd it should be banned" and its probably true, but when you go higher up the scale, deforestation branches into things that are important and for the people that own companies need too do it or else they will go bankrupt and economy would die and there would be less housing than there already is an stuff.

  4. This is a load of bullshit. Deforestation is taking place in america at a massive scale. 95% of America's old growth forests have been destroyed and replaced by ecologically immature forests.  WAKE UP AMERICANS DEFORESTATION IS NOT ONLY A FOREIGN ISSUE! THIS IS ONLY A TACTIC USED BY THE MEDIA TO DIVERT OUR ATTENTION. DO YOUR RESEARCH! 

  5. I think people should try harder not to cut down trees and also try to live with in forest and not kill so many things for no reason.

  6. deforestation sucks,  I have it at my house, while not much, it's ugly and trashed.  WHY HUMANITY?! WHYYY!?

  7. Hey guys, Im part of a team working on a documentary in the Peruvian Amazon.  We are telling the story of the Maijuna Indiginous people as they try to fight a road from being built across their ancestral lands.  Help us protect the Rainforest! Search for Maijuna Film Project on Indiegogo to learn more and to donate

  8. Deforestation is an act by which the sociedadad does nothing
    , this situation threatens all living beings ,
    must have greater control over this situation ,
    the world needs us to prevent further irreversible damage

  9. Really like this video and all the animations. I made one just like this one, check it out guys and maybe give me a comment on how i can improve it.

  10. but there is a problem that the sound is actually not so clear I hope that you clear it more and thank you :)

  11. Sir me and my friend are doing a project for school and we were wondering, if you mind with us using this video for our website.

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