“Collapse” Author, Michael Ruppert on Dorner, Peak Oil and more (pt.1/2)

Michael Ruppert let’s fly with both barrels as he speaks on Peak Oil, who the media are serving, and the truth behind Pat Tilman and Christopher Dorner. Ruppert’s candor is so strong that it is clear to see why he has been persecuted for his journalism, and he also shows why he is resilient enough to keep on speaking his truth.

Michael Ruppert is an investigative journalist and author of two books, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil and Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World. In the 1970s, Ruppert was a narcotics officer for the LAPD. While there, he discovered evidence that the CIA was complicit in the illegal drug trade. He alerted his superiors with this information and soon found himself dismissed even though he had an honorable record. These events spurred Ruppert to begin a new career for himself as an investigative journalist. He was the publisher/editor of the From The Wilderness newsletter which, until its closure in 2006, examined government corruption and complicity in such areas as the CIA’s involvement in the war on drugs, the Pat Tillman scandal, the 2008 economic collapse and issues surrounding Peak Oil. Ruppert has lectured widely on these topics and was the subject of a documentary,Collapse, in 2009 which was based on one of his books. Currently, he hosts the radio show, The Lifeboat, on the Progressive Radio Network.


00:01 Coming up on Media Mayhem.
00:50 Welcoming Michael Ruppert
01:44 Getting persecuted as a journalist over Pat Tilman.
04:35 Bringing down the Bush administration.
08:55 The Pat Tilman cover-up.
15:01 Getting push back from controversial stories.
23:14 Media red herrings and distractions from the Right and Left.
27:54 Collapse, peak oil and the Iraq War explained.
36:17 The cognitive dissonance swirling around Christopher Dorner.
45:04 Investigative journalism appears through the cracks.

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  1. In 1966/67, there was a relentless campaign on television to compel everyone to get one or more credit cards. That was the beginning of the era of being held down and neutralized by credit card debt. When you are STRATEGICALLY OVERWHELMED by oppressive debt and the rat race, you have no time, energy, or interest for the higher causes of individual rights and national identity.

  2. And people still believe that the Illuminati is just some inside, celebrity joke? Funny how it is proven to be fact constantly.

  3. I really like Michael's analyses; but it many instances he focuses on the "simple" explanation, ignoring the many layers and nuances.

  4. You can't explain media lies, propaganda, and hypocrisy by merely saying it's a Wall-Street, bottom-line consideration to be profitable. There are many other agendas that factor in as well.

  5. It's too bad I could not enjoy Allison Klein's interview of the late Michael Ruppert, because she would not keep her mouth shut, they should get a professional interviewer!!!

  6. I understand Chris Dorner's legal case involved him trying to sue a fellow officer (white, female) for using unjustified force. The courts found against him and denied his appeal. Then he went off. At least he did the honorable thing: he declared his war. If only the Establishment would do us the same favor.

  7. as with ALL Heroes!! who SPEAK Out against that which IS il-legal…. in Our Nation!! and are inherently!… BRAVE !!!! THEY … Do Not KILL!! …. THEMSELVES !!!!!!!!!!!! In this Nation there have been Too many Deaths!…. that are Presented to BE… Suicides! And the LIES are Rammed Down Our Throats! and They Compel the rest of us, to Believe!: Or, Face Ridicule !!!!!!!!!!!!! LIES!! Lies! and More Damn LIES !!!!!!!! Remember: Bill Cooper and Phil Schneider !!!!!!!!!! …. YIKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. (at)20:40 Mike talks about four times he caught the CIA infiltrating his staff. Their tactics were to generally behave incompetently, lose documents, etc., so they would not be provably "enemies." This makes a lot of sense, and those who dismiss "conspiracy theories" from malevolent sociopathic entities should wake up to the fact that homeostatic systems ARE THEMSELVES "conspiracies."

    For example: The network of friends that keeps a sociopathic thief and murderer alive is in one sense simply a homeostatic system, but because it's one comprised of people, it's a "conspiracy" to keep that thief and murderer alive and in business. Shared interests that are fought for, informationally, are technically "conspiracies." …And there are many homeostatic systems (systems that fight to protect themselves and maintain their healthy/powerful status). Government agencies, corporations, and social groups are all "homeostatic systems."

    The science of cybernetics informs the study of such "conspiracies."

  9. Does the government work for us? If so, how can they "redact" any portion of the information they provide us? It turns out that the government doesn't work for us. The government is comprised primarily of sociopaths who lack the mirror neurons that give rise to what the Founding Fathers called "conscience." The few people in the government who are not personally sociopaths generally bend to their will due to cowardice or stupidity.

  10. A truly educated person, PARTICULARLY a black man, is the most culturally dangerous person to ANY status quo, and especially the present establishment order..

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